The Use of explosives Crime is increasingly common Guayaquil. Criminals use it to kill their opponents or send messages to the opposition.

The last incident was a car bomb, Monday, April 25, in front of the highest security prison in Guayaquil. Authorities have not commented on the attack. Only National Police He revealed on his social networks the investigative work he had undertaken after the blast.

Monday morning’s attack did not cause any casualties, but it was another chapter in a series of four explosions that occurred in one week. Guayaquil. As of Tuesday, three minor injuries were reported from the incidents.

The number of violent deaths so far in 2022 in Guayaquil, Duran and Samborondon has exceeded 405. Authorities blamed the war on gangs organized by the region for selling drugs.

Killed by explosives

On the morning of February 20, an explosion shook the region Block 2 of the popular base. The incident sparked outrage when it was discovered that unknown individuals had left the body of a young man with explosives in his skull.

Victim was thrown from the car and killed. Seconds later, the skull explodes. As a result of the explosion, human remains were scattered in an area of ​​30 meters.

Its an explosion Corpses The victim happened a few meters from his parents’ house. The homicide statistics for this young man were further indicative of the fact that Zone 8, consisting of Guayaquil, Duran and Samborondon, had 3.5 violent deaths per day.

Homes exploded in the south in March and April Guayaquil. The method used was that an unidentified person came on a motorcycle and threw the explosives at the victim’s house.

There were no reports of injuries or severe damage. The number of murders recorded so far this year has tripled in the same period of 2021.

Messages from your competitors

From June 2021, at least 10 explosive attacks In private homes. The routine was similar to the cases recorded in March and April 2022, when the assailant came on a motorcycle and threw an explosive device at the victim’s home.

Some devices did not explode in the second half of 2021. Researchers They determined that lemon-type grenades were used for military purposes.

The National Police Noting that such weapons enter through the southern border, designated for irregular groups in Colombia. However, a growing local market has also been noticed.

July 21, 2021A, a Military arsenal La Concordia, in the province of Santo Domingo. One man was carrying 119 grenades and eight mortars in a troop.

Due to the increase in violence on October 19, the governor of Guas. Paul ArosemenaCompare the situation in Ecuador with Colombia in the 1980s and 1990s. A few days ago, Mayor Cynthia Viteri suggested that carrying weapons would be allowed.

Authorities blamed the outbreak on a regional battle between drug-trafficking gangs and Drug trafficking They send messages through international bloodshed and intimidate rival gangs, police and the community.

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