“Call me later, please,” he claims, and after a while he contacts and communicates and communicates until, finally, he can answer: “Sorry, it doesn’t stop.” Just hours before the Roland Garros started, its telephone Albert MolinaRepresentative of Carlos AlcarazAnd this has been going on for months. From the look Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal Y. Novak DjokovicThere has never been such an entry experience in the world tennis elite and what happens on the court is the same off it. “The truth is that in the last three months, every day some brand interested in Carlos has been calling me. Undoubtedly, this is an upward price,” Molina admitted in a conversation with EL MUNDO from Paris. . Sudden evolution

Because Alcaraz started the year with just two sponsors, Nike and Babolat, and now there are two more, the two main sponsors, Rolex and ISDIN. Because Alcaraz started the year with just 300,000 followers on Instagram and now has one million more. Because he started the year as the sixth best Spanish tennis player, leaving behind former players like Alcaraz. Monolo Santana Y. Charles May -According to the Sports Sponsorship Barometer- and now only Nadal is understood above. The rapid transformation of Alcaraz’s public image has surprised even those around him, although in truth they already hoped that something like this would happen sooner or later.

Your first deal

And for the sample, his first contract was signed with Babolat in 2014 when the tennis player was just 10 years old. He mentioned this in a chat with this magazineJean-Christophe VerborgRacquet’s global marketing director: “Our scout in Spain told us about him, we quickly saw his tennis potential and, in fact, he was already playing with a bubble with the Nadal model. We signed a contract at that time. Material and in 2018, when his age For 14 years, we have already signed an international agreement with him. “

By then, still pre-teen, Alcaraz had already handed himself over to Molina, a representative of the Spanish multinational IMG and a former agent. David Ferrer Is Nicholas Almagro, And there were already several clothing brands on offer At first he wore Lotto and after a while Nike. Today both Babolat and Nike are reviewing their contracts with the Spaniard, since both expire in 2025. The Portland Company has just renewed the Italian Janik is a sinner, Twelfth in the ATP rankings, and according to La Gazeta dello Sport, will give him 150 million euros over the next 10 years, 15 million per season. If these parameters are true, Alcaraz could reach figures in the vicinity of the Big Three, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, meaning about 30 million per course. Because for him, not only his youth – 19 years – or his victory; To her, to her very very, her character.

Good boy

“It’s important, more than it seems. All brands want to work with someone like him, who respects people, who is grateful to the staff. At the Mutua Madrid Open we gave him a surprise for his birthday and you have to see how he was one by one. Thank you. This kind of attitude compels us all to help him, as in 2020, right after captivity, when he told us to change his racket. Unable to travel, we removed heaven and earth to send him several models and finally He chose the present, the Pure Arrow VS “, says Verborg, who, yes, refuses to create a Babolat Alcaraz like Nadal:” This is the first day, let’s give him time to grow up as a tennis player, but why not in the future? . “

“Brands are looking for an athlete who is also up to standard. And obviously, Carlos is polite, cheerful, fresh, helpful and very happy,” admits Molina, who knows the benefits of hostility. And that’s what Tennis Alcaraz has found for many years, without exaggeration. The duo, made up of Federer and Nadal – to a lesser extent Djokovic – sanctified the game as a reference to friendship and elegance, and the image has been deteriorating in recent times. Formed by the constant debate of the next generation Daniel Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Sitcipas Is Nick Kyrgios They fouled the game and intimidated some companies. It was hard to imagine that a brand like Rolex, pure luxury, pure difference, would find comfort in Federer as chief ambassador, but he has already got it. With the signed agreement.

The Swiss watchmaker has long since joined Alcaraz and, in fact, has already starred in an ad. The sponsorship spanner gives some details about the image he wants to create for himself, from his type – global, not just national – his qualities – a cheerful, young but formal man – going through his references. Fact: Rolex has never sponsored Rafa Nadal. And that is very important. According to Sports Sponsorship Barometer, the watch being made is a brand that the public is most associated with tennis, then BNP Paribas, Kia, Mutua Madrilia and the relationship with Movistar and Alcaraz can benefit both parties.

Nadal’s shadow

“It will not be easy, but Alcaraz and his team must work to differentiate themselves in order to get out of the long shadow of Rafa Nadal. One element for him, in principle, is that he is very young and will have plenty of time. This is when Nadal retires. . ” But from now on they must develop a strategy in that sense, fix it with the brands … we must remember that it is their own development, not development against it, “he explained. Carlos CanttThe CEO of the marketing firm SPSG Consulting, the person in charge of precisely the Sports Sponsorship Barometer, and as an example of what he explained, the case Mark Marquez.

His arrival at the MotoGP World Championships has created sponsors and fans Valentino Rossi They noticed him – Rossi’s own company ran his marketing – but the conflict between the two tarnished Spaniard’s image. Even today in some circuits he is overwhelmed by the number 46 fans and it is very difficult to join his image with an Italian company. But distance from Nadal is not the only danger awaiting his awakening as an icon of Alcaraz.

Brand range

You must avoid what may be called effects David MeccaThat is to accept the promise of an exaggerated number of advertisements. Yes, his agent’s phone is on fire, Molina, but … “The number of partnerships should be limited to any athlete and more to a tennis player. Carlos, like any tennis player, has a few days off to work and a Brands must be limited. ” Take good care of her, offer her time. Also, at the moment our marketing strategy is dependent on sports. The first thing, most importantly, is that it continues to grow on the track, that it is not overwhelmed, “Molina herself says. For now, Alcarez welcomes photoshoots, events and other promises:” She knows it’s part of her job. “

It was not disclosed too much. Even before she grew up, Molina limited her representation deals, and moreover, before she was old enough, she had only one sponsor who was not an element. It was Postrais Reina, a candy and yogurt company from Marcia’s Caravaca de la Cruz, which helped him get started.

“You may be injured and you will not sign tomorrow what you did not sign today, but you do not have to rush away. Creating the image of an athlete is a marathon, the opposite of a sprint,” concludes Carlos Kant, a marketing expert. At risk, in the coming months, Alcaraz’s future off track with many open options. At the moment it has only four sponsors and has officially received a five million euro prize in the ATP circuit. At the moment he lives in a 90-square-meter wooden house inside the Academia Equalite de Villana in Alicante. Probably all that will change soon. In tennis, some time later, a star desired by all brands was born. A telephone is burning in Roland Garros, the car of Albert Molina, a representative of Carlos Alcaraz.

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