Pictures taken from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) show the finger of a child infected with monkeypox. Photo: EFE

“The WHO and its partners are working to better understand the scope and cause of this outbreak. Monkey pox. The virus is endemic to some populations in several countries, causing occasional outbreaks among locals and travelers. The Bud Reports from 11 countries so far are unusual because they occur in non-native countries. ”

With this brief statement and announcement that it has called an emergency meeting of its Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG-IH) to define the scope of the situation, World Health Organization Shows that the presence of this virus requires special attention.

In fact, from 7 May United Kingdom Announcing that it has identified the first human case of the infection outside Africa, reports from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium, Switzerland and outside Europe, as well as the United States, Israel and Australia, have been added. That they are already accounting for one off Hundreds of cases And more than 50 that are investigated with one common feature: The virus does not usually spread in these countries.

For now, the world is waiting for the guidelines that the WHO provides in this regard, so that countries are still exempt from it. Virus They are waiting for more details about an entity that is already in the eyes of the world scientific community.

How did it start?

Until a few weeks ago Monkey pox Was unknown in Europe, but on Saturday, May 7, the UK Health Protection Agency reported that the first case in a person’s history had been diagnosed in London. Recent Travels in NigeriaSo it was believed that he was infected in that country.

However, one week later, another Unrelated case Not with one already described or with a foreign trip, so the alarm went off which boosted his search.

Portugal, in those days, reported three cases and made it clear that it had yet to confirm others; Spain joined seven cases and more than 20 were confirmed and thus the countries were added until the WHO reached an already alarming number.

According to the health authorities, the sum of reports from various places raises concerns, although most experts point out that There is still not enough information On the viral dynamics of each of these outbreaks and the potential routes of their transmission, so for now they say There is no cause for danger General risk of infection in the area.

In this sense, the UK’s National Infection Service recently clarified that “The Monkey pox It does not spread easily among people and the risk to the public is very low. “

There is no fear of epidemics

Naturally, due to the coronavirus epidemic, this kind of news creates fear at all levels and to make it a bit clearer, the University of Southampton says it does not believe the population should think it could reach the contagious level. Extreme And reaffirms that, unlike Sars-CoV-2 (which was not known when the first case was reported), it Smallpox is a well-known disease For which vaccines have already been developed and other outbreaks have been experienced.

On the other hand, health worker Dr. Pedro Leon SifuentesFalse alarms need to be calm and prudent not to be spread, but things should not be allowed to continue as they do not exist, for which he suggests taking information from serious sources and believing that the epidemic has left much to be desired. Surveillance and monitoring system is effective, which allows you to work faster.

The fact that the virus has been known since 1950 and was already detected in humans in 1970, as well as knowing Reservoir And the most common type of infection – which comes in contact with infected animals – offers some reassurance, as true, as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says, even within moments. There is no specific treatment“Outbreaks can be controlled by some existing resources, such as antivirals and immunoglobulins, regardless of whether there is a vaccine that is being investigated.”

What is a monkeypox? How does it spread? WHO is monitoring this unusual disease which is already spreading in at least four countries. Https://

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