Every year more vehicles enter Quito’s fleet, one of the experts explained. Photo: EL COMERCIO Archive

One of the major problems in Quito is traffic. For this reason, the municipality is analyzing that Pico Y Placa goes from two figures to four every day.

Mayor Santiago Garderas Note that the capital is going through difficult times Mobility. In an interview with Digital Media Premises, he said that if Dr. Counter flow If they do not produce good results by June, the four-figure ban will apply.

Among these possible regulations, Burgomaster noted that if this new Pico y placa system were implemented, it would most likely be applicable throughout the day.

Will this potential measurement work?

Christopher BuendiaThe president of the Quito Mobility Observatory says it will be a measure that will thin in the short term. Increase in fleet of vehicles This will be one of the immediate effects, since people will have no choice but to buy another car to get around.

Buendia commented that they Measures that are not sustainable Over time and do not attack the heart of the problem, which is the integrated transport system that should have been implemented in accordance with Ordinance 172020.

“In the very short term, what it will do is it will jam more roads and streets in the city,” Buendia noted.

Fernando CarrionThe town planner commented in a radio interview that adding two more numbers to Pico y placa would be a mistake, since the model followed is the same. Bogota And the mobility problem was not solved there.

Carrion said that the trend is that of Quito when they are established Limitations On the go, people buy a new or used vehicle, but check Plate number.

The first reason why people buy vehicles is not using public transport. According to Buendia, seven out of 10 people travel by car.

Alternatives to city traffic

One of the options for Carion that should be studied Improve mobility in Quito Toll is levied in the city. He said these processes have worked in other cities such as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Mexico City.

“If I go to a hypercentre, like 78% trip to Quito and I pay USD 1 or USD 2 Toll To enter a vehicle, but I can enter a good Public transport system I change and I no longer use the car, which is why I reduce environmental pollution and improve the speed of the city, “said Carrion.

On improvement Public transportBuendিয়াa believes that this is the real solution to the problem of unification in the city of Quito. Similarly, he believes it Good traffic light system In the capital it can improve traffic.

# Attention | Mayor Santiago Garderas is evaluating pico and blade changes in #Quito. Every day, two numbers will no longer be broadcast, but four »https://bit.ly/3liXzJ8

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