A few days before the holidays Holy WeekMedical experts remind that Extreme Not over and they recommend that Biosecurity measures.

The holiday begins on Friday the 15th and lasts until Sunday, April 17, 2022 This is it First vacation Without which the country will survive Limitations In power for Extreme Of Covid-19.

March 16 President William Lasso Ecuador is ready and announcing a new leap into the future Power removal. Now places like stadiums, restaurants, shopping centers, movies, entertainment venues, offices etc. are 100% working.

He said the decision was taken on that basis Epidemic situation That Ecuador is facing lawsuits, hospitalizations, viral positivity and declining mortality. Even later Holidays From Carnival Trending downward, reassuring health minister, Jimena Garjan.

For Fernando Sakoto, its president Ecuadorian Society of Public HealthAlthough the state of health emergency is positive, at some point the situation may change.

This is the reason Immunity The number of people decreases with time and also with its circulation New variant What? BA.2Ómicron’s, are considered more contagious.

Also, it recalls the problem that persisted for two years after the epidemic: Lack of diagnostic capacity in the country. “Relative to say the case has decreased, if some tests are done, fewer infections are detected.”

However, an indicator that is more reliable, he said Hospital profession It doesn’t show stress and it rather reduces it.

Continue with care

With extensive events scheduled for Holy WeekLike a procession in Quito Y. GuayaquilHealth experts point out, there is always Risk Infections increase, and this is a Virus That its exact behavior is still unknown, it is something that cannot be predicted.

Therefore, Sacoto says, it is important that Population To follow Protection With masks and avoid The crowd Avoid potential infections.

Similarly, it indicates that the authorities should not grant that the epidemic is under control and that what should be publicized is Vaccine And work ResistanceAn ideal of public health.

Carlos Cardenas, president of the Pichincha College of Physicians, also stressed that the health emergency was not over, so Biosecurity measures These are the keys to keeping the epidemic trend down.

The Physical distance At least two meters, proper use MaskThe Caught Experts recommend to avoid constant hands and mass meetings.

It also mentions that if a person presents Respiratory symptoms It is best to isolate yourself and not see your relatives, especially if they are vulnerable.

The scene may change

Cardinas noted that authorities and society must see what happens Shanghai Is Hong KongWhere the epidemic was well controlled but today faces an unprecedented wave of infection and death.

“There should be no rush. Yes, we are improving, but when the message is sent that we are good here, people stop vaccinating, stop using biosecurity, and that is a risk, “said the expert.

From the health union, Cárdenas emphasizes, Resistance Y. To warn In a health emergency like an epidemic.


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