President of the Republic, William LassoSent on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Advice From Citizen participation Y. Social control (Cpccs) Triple nominated Superintendent From Bank.

Proposed candidates Government They are Rosa Matilda Guerrero Murguetio, Raul Augustine Gonzalez Carion and Doris Estefania Padilla Suquillanda.

Hernan Ulloa, President Advice From BetHe said on his account Twitter That is, the title of the first authority to be shortlisted once Superintendent Of the bank, Cpccs The process will continue as per the regulations in force.

A day after the short list proposed by the executive committee Cpccs Ask the President Lasso The first authority to send the list of title candidates Super From Bank.

“I am telling the country that Mr. President Of Ecuador, William LassoThat list will be sent for the next appointment Superintendent From Bank. Regulations prepared, supervised; Nothing is improvised on CPCs today, “said Ulloa on social media. Institution.

In accordance with Article 208 Constitution And five articles of law CpccsAre the qualities of the President Republic Choose a turn to select it Authority.

On February 22, 2022, the Plenary of the National Assembly Condemnation and dismissal Superintendent From Bank, Ruth Aregui. The decision was taken by 85 votes in favor, 15 against, 2 blank and 32 abstentions.

The resolution was made on the basis of the proposal Assembly Darwin Pereira, from Pachakutik, who accused Aregui of failing to comply Function For eight CausationMainly, Related To control Banking.

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