Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)OECD) Seeing the signs Economic recession in Europe In its advanced composite indicators published this Monday, April 11, 2022, it is the first to consider the effects of the war in Ukraine.

This trend in growth rate Visible in large European economies, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain or the United KingdomIn the meantime The trend in the US, Japan or Canada is stable.

Study indicator

The Compound indicator Towards the end of March – figures that indicate economic fluctuations from six to nine months ago – are low for most countries. Old continentAlthough they are usually above the 100 level, which marks the long-term average.

Disaster is important in that month United Kingdom (28th to 100.58 points), France (25th to 99.45 points) or Italy (23rd to 100.80 points) and Spain (16th to 101.11 points) or Germany (13th to 13th points).

In Eurozone Overall, the monthly decline is 17.4 percent to 100.43 points.

Analysis of the Americas

Outside EuropeIndex 4th increase America At 100.09 points, it remains unchanged at 100.55 points for Japan and down 5 percent at 100.09 points for Canada.

In States of Latin America Members OECDThe most notable thing is the violent drop in Chile, with the 48th drop in March, representing an acceleration of the trend seen in previous months.

Its index stood at 98.88 points, the lowest level of the organization and clearly below the long-term average 100 level.

Outside the OECD in large emerging economies Brazil stands for recession Significant growth in its index in March (just 97.82 points from 51 percent), again indicating a turning point in its economic growth.

A. First evaluation report Regarding the economic impact of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, presented on March 17, the organization estimates that global gross domestic product (GDP) could fall by almost two points.

Its authors then point out that the euro zone, due to its dependence on fossil fuels imported from Russia, could cost 1.4 points of GDP, while the impact on the United States would be less (0.9 points).

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