Before the war, Ukraine was one of the world’s major exporters of grain. Photo: EFE

The European Commission (CE) launched this Friday, June 3, 2022, a platform to keep companies on European Union (EU) and its Ukraine. The goal is to find a solution that facilitates the export of Ukrainian cereals that are blocked by Russia in the Black Sea port.

Ukraine Before the war he was a Dr. Major exporter World cereals, especially in Africa and the Middle East, are relevant for ensuring food security.

Most of Ukraine’s food was shipped from the former Soviet republic to the rest of the world via Black Sea ports, but Russia blocked them.

In this context, the European Union has proposed an initiative called “Solidarity Lane”, with the aim of facilitating the export of Ukrainian food through the land routes and ports of the Community Club. The platform announced today is part of this “Solidarity Lane” strategy.

The purpose of the initiative

The initiative, contacted this Friday, aims to bring together companies from Satash and Ukraine to identify New logistics chain From Ukraine and for the export and import of goods and materials or to find new partners for logistics and international trade.

This is also the purpose Share ideas About solutions and initiatives to review logistics and supply chains, adapt infrastructure and get the right machinery and equipment in the right place.

Platform focus Export and import Agricultural products such as wheat, corn, barley, sunflower, sugar beet, lemon, fruits and vegetables.

Such as other food product covers Vegetable oil, Meat, Dairy products, Sugar, Flour, Drinks, Bakery Y. ConfectioneryProduction and recycling of agricultural and food products or raw materials, in addition to the logistics industry (sales, collection, transportation, storage, transhipment)


Similarly, think of collaboration within the platform Business For export and import of raw materials, agricultural technology spare parts, metals, wood, mineral fertilizers, petrol and diesel.

Therefore, the platform is designed for companies that offer transportation or storage solutions or grain merchants, among others.

“Millions of tons of grain are blocked in Ukraine and to remove it we must join forces across sectors and borders: companies are looking for ways to support Ukrainian exports, companies are offering transportation or storage solutions and Ukrainian grain traders are looking for partners in logistics.” European Transport Commissioner Adina Valian has announced.

The Romanian politician was convinced that the community platform would help create new partnerships.

The EU Solidarity Rail Initiative focuses on land routes and the port of Satash, but the international community is also discussing the possibility of direct grain harvesting through Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea.


The EU does not participate directly Conversation For the possible establishment of a humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea Export of food grainsBut when asked about it, EC spokeswoman Dana Spinnant replied that Brussels supports “all other avenues” that could contribute to getting grain from Ukraine to the rest of the world.

“The fact that the European Union is not present at the talks does not mean that we have no position or that we do not use our means to influence and open up a process that is crucial to achieve. Additional ways, including maritime, to export from Ukraine, “Spinant told the EC’s daily press conference.

The spokesman also did not rule out the option of using EU ports in the Black Sea, as in Bulgaria and Romania.

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