The Real Madrid coach has blown away his squad’s desire to face Barcelona in the semi-finals.

S during the match against Pablo Lasso, Gran Canaria
Pablo Lasso during the game against Gran Canaria on Saturday.EFE

Paul Lasso Seventh Europa League Seventh Final Four Real Madrid. However, after an irregular season, the coach reassured them that he had realized that “nobody believed in the team a month ago”, then went on to make sure that the “win against Maccabi” gave them “confidence”.

“I am watching the team well. We have recovered Rudy And everyone is fine. Illusion is a separate issue, but everyone knows how hard it is to get here, “Lasso told a telematic press conference.

Especially in the game against Barcelona the defense was updated throughout the season. “The whole season needs to be adjusted. I have repeatedly said that Barcelona is a great team and that’s it Callathes Controls and builds a lot of games in a team that has a lot of points in hand “, he explained.

When asked about the pace of play that could benefit Real Madrid the most in Belgrade, the coach did not choose in the end. “I don’t know which rhythm we like best, To be honest. You have to adapt to the situation when you face a great team, so I think we are ready for any situation, “he observed.

A month ago, Real Madrid were engulfed in a bad run of game and results and no one in the final four gave up hard for it. “I understand that a month ago no one believed us. I believe. I don’t think we were that bad, but it’s also true that we competed very well last month And the play-off against Maccabi gave us confidence, “Lasso commented.

Memories of 2018

Madrid won their tenth European Cup title in Belgrade four years ago. Yes, but half the players are gone, they are not Luca (Donsic), Faku (Campazo), Felipe (Reyes), Ion (Gustavo). Others remain. The team had to find a solution to find its best version. “I can see the competition,” he declared. “Four years ago we played the semi-final with CSK and the final with Fenerbahce. We weren’t big favorites, though Fabian Cajour I played great. Everyone has to contribute and a player of three or four minutes on the court can be important, “he added.

The team’s hopes of winning against Barcelona are not high. “The appetite is always the same. If we hadn’t played against Barcelona, ​​we would have had the same appetite,” he said.

Experience and illusion will be fundamental. “It simply came to our notice then I am the most experienced coach of the Final Four. I hope it counts a lot. I also have a lot of experienced players and for others it will be their first appearance. Experience and enthusiasm must be combined to give everyone the best on the track “, he noted.

Rudy Fernandez joined the team after the death of his father. “It was a difficult day for him and his family. He is well trained and I know he will be able to help us despite the family situation. Pablo Lasso concludes, “I am the only one but he has not played the last two matches against Marcia and Gran Canaria.”

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