The organization condemns “any act like the war in Ukraine.”

Tabares (D) with Ife Lundberg, Real Madrid time - CSKA.
Tabares (D) with Ife Lundberg, Real Madrid time – CSKA.
  • Eurolig Has postponed three matches a day with the Russian team

Euroleague basketball decided this Friday that its planned matches in Russia would be played outside that country, at a meeting of 18 participating clubs, which “sadly strongly condemns any action such as the war in Ukraine.”

The Euroleague teams have “decided to define a plan Temporarily move all scheduled matches on Russian soil In places outside the territory of the Russian Federation However, according to a Eurolog statement, the matches that Russian teams have to play in other countries will be “as planned”.

These teams will only play in Russia, as in the case of Zenit St. Petersburg against Unix Kazan and Zenit against CSKA Moscow “which will be played on March 22 and April 1, respectively.”

In this line, “CSKA has postponed the match between Moscow and Barcelona that was supposed to be played on Sunday (in the Russian capital).”Contest notes added.

“These decisions are made to protect the integrity of the competition, to allow clubs to defend their right to compete on the field, to separate the game from political action,” Eurolog explained.

“Condemnation of any act of war”

In his statement, European Competition “sadly condemns any act of war in Ukraine” in a note, stressing that “clubs are united in their use of basketball to unite the community.”

The Eurolig League’s decision comes after a match between Barcelona and Zenit St. Petersburg in the Russian city on Thursday had already been postponed to Thursday. Barcelona refused to travel to Russia on Thursday to play their two matches against Janet and CSKA after Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Bayern Munich-CSKA Moscow and Basconia-Unix Kazan were also suspended, all related to the 27th day of the competition.

The Euroleague said on Friday that it would “continue to monitor the situation, including any regulations imposed by national and international authorities, and take appropriate action if necessary”.

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