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Real Madrid are looking for their eleventh European Cup against an Efes threat from that perimeter. Williams-Goss’s loss to whites: They are not expected to activate Heurtel

Micic, Ataman, Laso and Yabusele, Friday at Stark Arena.
Micic, Ataman, Laso and Yabusele, Friday at Stark Arena.Sergio PrizEFE
  • Jasikevicius “I don’t know if this team needs another coach.”

Belgrade means White City from its origins and Real Madrid makes it its own, blessed idol with the Serbian capital. This Saturday (7:00 pm, DAZN), those who will say, they will want to repeat the Eurolig that they achieved here four years ago, then the tenth. Reigning again in his most indescribable season in Europe, winning the title again – out of the Super Cup – breaking the unprecedented drought It was LassoMore than two years since the Malaga Cup and almost three years since the 2019 ACB “I don’t have any magic potions,” the coach said before his fifth final in a decade

In the final four, the speed of time increases. No one remembers what happened on Thursday, the huge display of Real Madrid’s self-esteem against the almighty Bar বারa, who repeatedly destroyed him and who is now chewing on his own misery. What matters now is the threat posed by Anadolu Ephesus, the champion. And what is going on in Lasso’s head is an injury Williams-Goss, Which lasted only 52 seconds in court. Yes Larkin and Misik They are two indomitable monsters, more difficult than the most physical base of the squad. It will be time for heroism, again.

And probably ill, if Lasso bets to forgive Thomas HeurtelSeparate from the beginning of next April Trey Thompson For that discipline in Athens. The French do not seem to be able to capture the supremacy that his teammates sweated in the resurgence against Maccabi. “It’s a possibility he’ll definitely play,” the coach dismissed the controversy, who thought of that challenge, to stop the best foreign pair the Eurolig have remembered for years. “Efes is a great team out of personality. Micic and Larkin are both different. They can be very easy to stop. I put two on top of each. That’s why they’re so good, because they’re going to find someone else and they’re going to kill us. It makes them better. I want to defend a good team, “he admitted Ergin AtamanRecalling last year’s quarter-final series: “The fifth game was the best One ton And Simon did the important triple. “

The Croatian forward will not be there either, although outside of Misik and Larkin, the champion relies on an experienced member of a squad that has changed little in recent years. Eliza Bryant, One of the few new faces, blazing against Olympiacos. With the strong interior of Madrid Poirier and Tavares It’s obvious, but in the enclosure it can suffer.

At last the tidal wave

What the Turks and Spaniards share is the tidal wave with which they reached the final in Belgrade. This is the third time in a row for Ephesus, the 19th in Madrid’s history to finish fourth in the regular season after losing eight of his last 10 games. Those from Istanbul, on their part, can only be in sixth place after a wrong start. “We never had any doubts. Like them, we had problems. Nothing is easy, but I’m not thinking about the past. Which parties don’t have problems? We must have them. But we’re here again. Period,” Lasso concluded.

A curse and a coincidence. Three semifinal examples between Bar এবংa and Madrid, the Spaniards always losing in the final. It will also, however, be the fifth time that white football and basketball have shared a continental final. This happened in 1962, 1964, 2014 and 2018. Only the last one, Belgrade and Kiev, came double.

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