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Pablo Lasso admitted his mistake in the decisive move where the possession of Ephesus was gone and Madrid did not have time to respond. Record of triple miss in final

Ephesus is celebrating victory in Belgrade.
Ephesus is celebrating victory in Belgrade.Pedja MilosavlzevicAFP
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Uncomfortable kick Sergio Lul The reason it happened after the final hook was: lack of controversy. Because of the risky path that Real Madrid took in the abyss, they were surprised and finally convinced. The manual indicates that the least bad option was implemented Mike There are 17.3 seconds left to throw free. The alternative to failure, three times later, who knows … more fans than those three second intervals where nothing happened.

No one was slow to admit the mistake, a proof. Paul Lasso Undoubtedly, “We should have done it. Now it’s easy to think we should have done it, but I thought for more than three seconds we could have saved and captured the last.” Rarely has the final decision been made by inaction.

“Everyone is asking me about the last possession, but you will not lose or win the last match, it has happened before,” he clarified. Yabuselle, Marked. Because the Frenchman, who did not have his best night (in him, Baldness and causes, Zero of triple 16), who made two consecutive promises to Micic with 44 seconds left and Madrid did not enter the bonus. And perhaps the second can be saved.

He said, ‘I have nothing to say about the last drama, I like to watch them later Adam Hunga, Who soon admitted the problem: “If you want to win in games like this, you have to score your shots, and we didn’t. That’s it.” Six of the 36 whites (18.2%) record, negative, in a Eurolig final in its entire history. One problem is the lack of toe / pure shooter, which has been fatal in the worst moments of the Madrid course. “We lacked a lot of success. We played well in many moments of the game, but we couldn’t score. I have a lot of shots and my teammates have in their heads,” Abalde admitted.

“We can’t blame the boys for anything, they gave up everything, head or tail, it was a tough team,” continued the coach, who again missed a title, the 22nd in his era to equal it. Lolo Sainz. He has cherished glory, an unusual rebirth, but he has not raised a significant crown in the Malaga Cup for two and a half years. The indescribable season, one with 17 defeats in 28 games in 82 days, cut the route yesterday with 10 wins in a row, now has to continue in the ACB playoffs, where you can’t count Williams-Goss Wounded for the rest. He concluded, “Now I am clearly confused.

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