In a final below 60 points (57-58), the white team lost to rival Pivot Tibor Plis as the hero.

Tavares and Lul after the final whistle.
Tavares and Lul after the final whistle.Sergio PerezEFE
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  • Semifinals Real Madrid have ended their revenge against Barারa in a painful classic and will fight for their eleventh European Cup.

Real Madrid’s unusual and incredible resurgence died on the shores of glory as it stumbled in the last leg of the XI, where Anadolu Ephesus suddenly woke him up, the wild group dancing to two unique tunes (57-58). Vasilge Misich Y. Shane Larkin, But they have won the Euroleague title for the second year in a row, with only Maccabi and Olympiacos scoring this century.

With no heroes or talents in Belgrade, the result was far from famous. It was the mud where a painful final was resolved that could fall on both sides. Error was the hero, a final below 60 points as before. In which the finish line is full of obstacles and slips Tibor Place, An unexpected element, unbalanced the plans, Madrid found no gaps or clarity to solve. After the last hook, Captain Lule voiced the frustration that within seconds of missing the larkin corner without the possibility of an answer, Pablo Lasso’s team grew sharply.

It hurts even more, because the path that the Vettoria coach has claimed so many times, this time up to the Stark Arena, will be shrouded in the clouds of excitement, defeat, by the desperate desire of one who was one step away from performing in the most one. Amazing story that the game remembers. Mainland basketball. Rebirth from the abyss to a crown that just a month ago I could not even imagine. Dodge the crisis, disunity and even frustration against the bar, but end up leaving only for one crack.

Madrid missed 27 triple and let the rebound win the battle. Ah Cold Key, a delicacy for the MVP Misic teacher, who manages the ends like a surgeon. Because before, the whites really took him on track, after a remarkable song of effort and concentration. Proceeding to the third task, they did not allow Ephesus to breathe, which repeatedly hit a wall. Ah, Nine Up, Two Triple Abalde wanted to play with destiny. As happened with Madrid in the semi-final against Barারাa, Ephesus took advantage of that life, mentally refreshed in the moments left to remember.

Silence was felt from the dawn, both paying homage to those who had nothing of their own, Abalde himself acting as the basis for the blows of Williams-Goss and the face of a Heurtel ‘punishment’, which, as expected, was not called urgently. In the middle of the strategy, between the previous adjustments that broke with the passing of just minutes, the gigantic image of Tavares appeared, as if he were playing with children. Madrid has failed and failed, Triple is a wise condemnation, and the Africans have done it right, selflessly in offensive retaliation.

He wore his boots (12 points, seven rebounds) until Larkin committed his second foul. Because the first half is going to trace the script to his two performances. He dominated Madrid, built a pillar of defense, and revived Ephesus in the only possible way through the pranks of Larkin and Misik, who in turn whipped him. Unexpected guests in the final arrived early: Anthony Randolph, whose role was diminishing to give Yabuselle a break (just one point then), hit two triplets to lead his team at halftime.

Lasso’s first mission was completed. Ataman’s offensive torrent fell 29 points, 23 of them from the pair. Six minutes later it was still at 31, as going through the locker room reaffirmed White’s defensive suffix, not a sign, the art of solidarity, of constant help. Hunger was a triple, a captain at the back of the textbook, stretching a rope (40-31) with a few strands left. But Ephesus, who is about to be resurrected to glory, clung to them, also because of those things of fate.

Abald’s two triple opponents play in the hoop, spit with the ouch !, and pleas nail in response. And everything became stiff again, the tension so high that Anderson and Poirier were in each other’s throats. If Larkin had not missed the last two free throws, he would have entered the moment of truth with equality. But Efes sensed, now I know, the weakness when his opponent missed and triple missed with increasing frustration. Mickey and Place were given the responsibility, and after 2-14, they were able to command (44-47). The German took a fireworks plug from Poirier, but it was going to be a turning point with his open shots and consistency in the rim. His two more baskets have definitely turned on the white alarm with just over three minutes left.

Oh the drama. And the unexpected element that sometimes determines empire. Triple on Micic Deck, Causeur and Tavares each missed a free throw, Singleton grabbed a strong offensive rebound and Pleiss and Lulll responded to score what would be the final basket of the night. Within 44 seconds of the game, Madrid were missing two fouls to enter the bonus. When he ran them out, Ephesus had 17.2 seconds and 14 possessions left. He chose not to take Mickey to the free throw, who had exhausted the possession, but gave it to Larkin. Error doesn’t matter, because it didn’t last long, just for the frustration of some and the joy of others.

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