Real Madrid 88 Bayern Munich 97


The Whites, who won by 21 points, fit in a partial 7-32 win over Bayern who had no risk and fell to fourth place. They will meet against Ephesus

Deck, before the Bayern players, in Wijink.
Deck, before the Bayern players, in Wijink.Kiko HuescaEFE
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Ojiplatico, the most serious of Real Madrid’s innumerable blackouts, the most serious one, which condemns him to a thorny one, destroys all previous work, the result of an indescribable match of the month, highlighting the huge mental problem. In which the group Paul Lasso. The final work began with a 19-point lead – the highest was 75-56 – against a Bayern team that had nothing to risk and ended up losing badly. Reigning champions Anadolu Effes will face off in the Euroliga quarter-finals starting April 19. Larkin and Misik Which everyone tries to avoid. [88-97: Narracin y estadsticas]

A shot in the leg didn’t seem to matter. On Sunday in Tenerife, when it seemed to be down, Madrid conceded a crazy 37-10 final. Last night on WiZink, against a tired opponent, it was 7-32. The world stops without a cure, everyone looks at each other, paralysis attack and defense, on the pitch and bench. He was on his way to a night out and a triple record and dug a wound that seemed increasingly difficult to heal.

Because psychiatrist Madrid signed without a 30-minute spot, the moment of truth of the course now begins as the purpose of the correction. In the middle of the worst season that he is remembered for shooting, a festival came from the enclosure, raining threefold rain to break the dangerous inertia so that the whites turned to mud: but the fly followed the spider’s web.

It has lost 15 of its last 26 matches, finishing fourth in the regular season. A win would have led to Monaco, Fall Efes, leading the same rivals from the previous year, although this time with home court advantage. And Bayern already knew you were eighth – they would see against Bar বার – what was their third away match in five days.

Lasso chose to leave Huertel even outside the call. Bet on the rested Abalde as the starting point guard and Lul as the first replacement. For faster rotation, for more glossy play. Of course, everything is fine if you wake up with four triplets without fail. They were 13 at rest, 22 attempts; Up to nine white players hit at least one (only two baskets in two). Before that storm, Bayern could hardly resist, throwing out as much water as possible, which fell by 19 (49-30).

On the way back from the locker room, Tavares joins Couser’s party, although he soon did his fourth. Bayern have never thrown a towel and Madrid has never flown so far. And he had to spend to be active in defense. He won 3-13, but Lul broke it with the 15th triple of the night and the Hunger came 16th soon. And on the 17th, another of Lul … Triple is back and seems to be coming back calm. Although the most difficult was yet to come, the lack of continuity that led to the Lasso group’s illness was a partial, 7-night (82-88) year, a nightmare that had to be a relief. DeShaun Thomas and Jaramaz were executives, special mentions for Othello Hunter, Sisko and Obst a victory that will take time to forget.

This divn madrid, where everyone has disappeared in the last line, has no respite. In the midst of Smriti’s most sore throat crisis, on Sunday he visited Palau at the ACB.

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