The Argentine player faces the challenge of his life in the Europa League final four at the head of Barcelona where he has reached the maturity of his sport. This Thursday in the semifinals they will face the team of Pablo Lasso, who did not renew it last summer.

Nico Laprovitola, in Palau.
Nico Laprovitola, in Palau.Araba Press
  • Room Laprovitola leads Barcelona in a doubles match against Real Madrid in the final four

Nico Laprovitola (Morne, Argentina, 1990) Waiting for a journalist in a small office in Palau. He sits up, his tattooed right hand raised on a table, and a friendly smile that brightens when he talks about it. Bruna, His one-year-old daughter. His mustache Wine It expands, as if opening an inner door to his conversation. The Barcelona baseman, who is perhaps the best moment of his career at the age of 32 and has been named the ACB regular league’s standard five, will face Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Europa League four on Thursday. Yes, the team that decided not to renew their contract last summer and bet on the former Barাa player Thomas HeurtelNow set aside.

Why do athletes have to succeed or fail? Can’t be in the middle?
[Resopla] Because there are fans behind. I don’t know … the result is death many times. And it covers all that one works. This is a difficult question to analyze. And to explain …
So, you came to play with fear?
I first heard from the stork [Jasikevicius]And the thing that stuck in my head when I got here was that he was always afraid of losing. In every match. And it made him even more alert. I think I agree with him.
He has that inner fear.
It’s good to have. s
Did you come to disbelieve your qualities when you left Real Madrid? Did you have any kind of identity crisis?
Stupid he played for Madrid … not at all. I was just thinking of a rematch. A place where you can play. Where can I show myself? In Eurolig, at the highest level. And the fight to get to the final four. Luckily I came to Barcelona and I am enjoying it a lot.
What do you think went wrong with Real Madrid at that stage?
[Piensa unos segundos y echa la cabeza hacia atrs…]. It was all very strange. Very rare thing. But I’ve always been very self-critical, and I think I was very casual. It ended well with a very good feeling, and it gave me an encouragement for what came this season. Although I think irregularities weighed the most on me.
Could you do more to remedy it? Or has something more to do with its context?
The one who acts is me, isn’t he? That’s true. Then there are many more external things that I can’t control. I do not decide. But I can only speak for myself. And that’s what bothers me the most. It was hard for my head to handle.
Will winning the Eurolig meet your expectations as an athlete?
This is a question I asked myself. And, jokingly, I say I will retire if I win the Eurolig. Joke, huh! Throughout my career, Eurolog has been what I have been looking for. I think this is a great opportunity for me.
Do you have anything more to do with basketball than with natural talent or work?
Oops, there’s a lot of work behind it. I don’t know if talent is natural. All I try to do is have a good time. Rejoice. Many coaches have told me that when I smile I am another player. And that’s what I try to do. Smile and enjoy the game.
Is there a game where you feel like you’re entering Nirvana?
It depends. Today I have a different mentality than before. I think I went through different things … now I try to be very aggressive on the track. Always be ready and ready to attack. Be a constant threat. It’s the idea that I have to play today. And that’s what takes me a few steps up.
Has being a parent changed your outlook on life?
Very. It’s the biggest change of my life. More than anything else that happened to me. I learned to differentiate between work, basketball, important, which is my daughter.

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