Olympiacos 74 Anadolu Efes 77


Efes ends Olympicos passion with a talent from the Serbian point guard. Play the third final in a row against the winning team of Barcelona-Real Madrid

Micic climbs on Vegenkov, in the final basket.
Micic climbs on Vegenkov, in the final basket.Pedja MilosavlzevicAFP

What will they say to the demons of hell. There is no voice that deafens talent, there is no cry to stop talent. Larkin and Misik, Micic and Larkin, that couple will talk in the future. Those who led Anadolu Ephesus to dominate Europe, in three finals in a row, insisted that their reign would not end. One supported the Turks against Olympiacos’ self-love revolt, the other hit a three-pointer in the Serb market, which would forever be an iconic figure in the final four. [Narracin y estadsticas: 74-77]

Efes will defend his scepter at Stark Arena on Saturday because no one else has what it has. It makes those differences, those who take responsibility by the lapel when the ball burns. Vasilge Misich, Who missed his afternoon in Belgrade, who missed four baskets, seven triplets and even three free throws, did not hesitate. There were 19 seconds left and his team was in the middle of a traffic jam that smelled of drama: they didn’t score in more than seven minutes.

The last play had no beginning or end other than Misik. He loses possession, calls for a block, frees Walk up to pair with Vegenkov And a glorious triple nail from the front line without the slightest hesitation, a basket for eternity.

He ruined all the strength of Olympiacos, who showed no emotion like his, after these five years of absence he forgot to be one more. After the first year Spanolis That was seriousness, springboard-like defense, walkup, Dorsey and fall And Sasha Venzenkov as a pillar to raise tomorrow. And that effort on defense, as if their lives depended on every ball, won the first semifinal, initially to get excited, the giant dominated the fruit paint and Mickey failed more than necessary by then (14-7).

Efes managed to take a breath, but again the group Bertjokas (The best coach of the year in the Euroleague), the coach with whom they won their last crown in 2013. One of Larkin’s walkup thefts that ended up against Helena was significant for the emotion on the court, but the Point Guard’s Florida has already begun bombing. It was his three-pointer (four at halftime) that kept the champion alive, returning from the locker room with another force.

There Larkin finds an unexpected sidekick. Eliza Bryant, Who excelled at Maccabi and even took part in the boxing ring last year, was unveiled after a gray season. He joined the festivities from the fence (he finished with a record 14) and multiplied himself on the field. He had 15 points at the top of the season, but he knew how to move forward in the moment of truth, where his team lost. Krunoslav SimonI needed him more.

It was a brutal jolt. It seemed that the Greek power had disappeared (48-59). But then their referents woke up. Vegenkov and Dorsey, their main scorers, were kept clean at halftime. They signed 15 points in the third law. And finally, they got even closer (69-70), when the temperature in the Stark Arena rose, attacking the red and white.

The condemnation was a nervous wreck. What was once a valuable exchange is now failing and failing, as if no one dares to be a hero. The last basket to play for Ephesus was Larkin with 7:39 left. Two free throws Slokas And a basket Hassan Martin They bring equality in the match. But then, the chosen one.

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