From March 2020, the Laboratory for Biomedical Research in the Faculty of Life Sciences, Coastal High Polytechnic School (Espol), recommended Increase Of a Prototype From Vaccine Against him Covid-19.

He was deported to the United States that year To synthesize A Pieces The spike of the virus called receptor-binding-domain (RBD) has merged with other human proteins. This genetic structure was introduced into one Cell culture To produce Recombinant protein.

The process was designed and led by Espol professor and researcher Washington B. Cardinas in collaboration with the University of the Armed Forces (SPE), INSPI and other researchers from the American University.

The RBD Part of the spicule SARS-CoV-2 That interacts with the receptor ACE2 Of Human cells To infect him.

Once the recombinant protein was made and tested in the Ispol laboratory, it was sent to the ESP Immunology and Virology area in 2021 for pre-clinical testing of rats.

A positive result

Cardenas explained that in the case of rat vaccination Vaccine prototype It turned out that It made antibodies Against recombinant proteins produced.

Also, those who had this protein were tested with serum Covid-19 And those Antibodies They also recognized him.

“We have proven that we can synthesize it and that it can be recognized in real life Antibodies Among those who have been infected by the virus. It has already been established, “said Cardinas.

Design update

This is in 2022, and with a New funding Working on the Ecuadorian Corporation for the Development of Research and Academia (CEDIA) Update The Design The Prototype So I can To recognize At least two Alternative At the same time

Cardinas mentioned that Vaccine Is based on Virus From Uhan And more than two years of epidemics, New variant There are changes in Coding Of spiculeIn such a way that the antibodies produced by the present biological are less effective in neutralizing the infection.

About this OmicronExperts add that antibodies can protect less.

On that basis, d Design The Prototype It’s getting better. Cardinas explains that some of the changes are based on the same principle as the original, but it cannot represent only one. Antigen But two, Wuhan and Omicron, for example.

It is planned to test it this year Biospecific vaccine. C├írdenas details that the two antigens will be injected at the same time and “if we succeed in producing antibodies for the mouse. ProteinThen people will be better protected. “

It is thought to be possible Change The Protein And stay UpdatedFor either Covid-19 Or other diseases.

Antibody test

In parallel, it is a developing one Test For Antibody detection Against the known virus Alice. The goal is that this test can detect others Alternative, What? Omicron.

“We’re all tied to what the overseas market has to offer, from PCR, rapid and ELISA-type tests, to early diagnosis,” said Cardinas. Therefore, if there is a new form of the virus, the country must wait for a new diagnosis.

By developing this test it will be possible to know if a person really has Omicron or any other variant. Antibodies.

Cardinas recalls that all the tools that are being worked on are meant to be in the future Extreme And don’t start from scratch.

In the biological case, you just need to change Antigen The Pathogen That is interest at a certain time.

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