Entrepreneurs will be able to promote their products such as handicrafts, food, handicrafts, jewelry, etc. Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commerceo

In its memory World Environment Day Today is Thursday, June 2, delivery Kiosk Built with recycled material blocks.

These spaces were made of cement-plastic blocks which were called My entrepreneur kiosk.

Every week Entrepreneurs They will be able to promote their products such as handicrafts, food, handicrafts, jewelry, etc. in a safe place.

Zenith Flores, an entrepreneur, noted that these spaces are an alternative to promoting their products, reactivating the city’s economy and creating jobs.

Another beneficiary is Esperanza Sabando, in his initiative Making desserts Gelatin based. He says that in the workshop he received Home is us You can build your business and have a specific source of income.

The General Secretariat of Territorial Co-ordination and Citizen Participation works closely with Quito Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Company, in association with Trituramos Plastico PET – Tritubot SA. Recycling In town.

Marcruz Hernandez, manager of the Metropolitan Public Company for Comprehensive Solid Waste Management (AMGIRS), explains that about 1,700,000 bottles are dumped in Quito every day, meaning that 620 million bottles are disposed of annually in landfills.

Recruitment activities Plastic bottle It wants to install 250 Tritubot equipment in two years to capture 15% of discarded bottles.

The process of making blocks

Plastic bottles are collected with pets House We Solanda and Kotokollao The Tritubot company processes them and crushes them into small pieces, which are used to make cement-plastic blocks with stone materials.

These blocks contain an average of 38 bottles per unit. For construction Kiosk 105 blocks were used, meaning about 3,900 bottles were processed for recycling.

The Tritubot machine Not only are these reusable tools and a great way to help the environment, but they also have a social character, as everyone who deposits a bottle in the equipment receives 2 cents as a refundable environmental tax refund.


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