The epidemic is not over; And it will go a long way, even though the infectious indicators are very low. But life in the cities is a little more. The nights, although not as intense as the pre-epidemic, are activated – the nightlife is always necessary for the city and their economic features and for the human soul.

In Quito, it’s back to normal traffic jams. It’s not exactly the most delightful in the capital; Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. While this is a paradoxical figure, these stopped cars are a sign that there is movement or, at the very least, the purpose of going to a place where certain things must be done. And these are mostly cheap. Outside of economic indicators, it is encouraging to see activities taking shape.

Although those were moments of hiatus, especially in the first months of 2020, with the loss of lives, the uncertainty in the face of various waves of infection, the level of meaning of “a new normality”, the strong economic collapse, it. It’s still interesting how families have to innovate to meet their costs.

Although it was already a well-known term, the term “entrepreneur” began to gain more weight in family financing. Some were more successful than others; Something will not work. There were many on a smaller scale, for example, who offered cakes, alfajo, sweets. This is how the country has progressed. It was an expression of human creativity and their human condition, doing something, producing, transforming even their reality.

Now, with everyone on the road, the challenges increase. There is a law that must be with them effectively and above all encourage them. The rule covers 834 initiatives, according to a report published Saturday in the paper. Also, one-third that existed before the epidemic is on the way to recovery. These are encouraging data and, hopefully, they will grow.

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