The excontroller Carlos Pólit , detached from Miami on March 28, 2022, he caught a quick juicie. Cooperará con la justification of united states.

Pólit afronta seis cargos In relation to the activation of activism, it is possible to provide information in various cases of corruption due to the audience that acquired the 4th of May.

What does it mean to be a quick juicie?

Pablo encalada, abogado penalista, menciona que un fast juicio es lo que se tiene como un Procedure abreviadois declaring that the process has been accepted and declared guilty.

This process is said to be a “gain, gain”, or that the state is going to be given because of a procedural ordinance and every other procedure will be penalized and the process will be reduced to the penny.

What is the meaning of the collaborative effect?

The analyst who is in the justification United States They also have a collaborative effect. Aquí se entergación valiosa respecto de otras personas. This information should be given valida a través de la Fiscalíabecause in many occasions the information that is entered is not real and not verifiable.

“A change from the information that enters to reduce the penny, because this termination complies with many peacocks”, says Encalada.

How can you reduce the feeling?

Dentro de este juicio rapido y la colaboración eficaz que pidió el excontralor Carlos Pólitcorroborating the information that entries you can reduce the penny.

Por ahora P culit cuenta con seis cargos de corrupción que lo pondrían en la cárcel alredador de 100 años.

In Ecuador you can read by cooperating effectively 10% of the pennyit sums up the procedure abreviado, aquí no se hace un doble computo, pero en The United States realizes this process.

“It is safe to say that the first penny will be less than 10 ounces”, commented the specialist in the fine.

How do we realize the investigation to know if the real information that has been processed?

The union of states will be determined to determine if there is a realization that exposure and present as cooperation is effective.

The final case Fiscalía es la encargada de decir a los jueces que la persona colaboró ​​de Forma sustentada y ellos son quienes piden una reduction in sensation.

If the present information is present datos o menciona a personas irrelevantes del caso, If you don’t reduce the penny, or that the finalization of the collaboration is possible it will take a lot of time inside the process.

Not necessarily you have to remember the person for what they are not aplique la Cooperationsince the data that no sumein does not investigate, Fiscalía has not benefited from it at all.

¿Cuál es el alcance de la cooperación eficaz?

Encalada en Ecuador o afuera como EE.UU. this is information Serve to process other people, generally use it get people with newbies more a los del cooperados. It is believed that aqua se might invite altogether cargoes like ministries of states or some of the presidencies.

Comment that in our country there is a lot of exposure to what Take care of the organizer y que en otros países se realiza de esta misma forma.

What is the process of involucrados?

The United States will not, inevitably, get rid of them processes de investigation of the people who met in the collaboration. Depende si el Given the corruption that there were involucred other exotorides and that there was a movement in the United States to realize the whole investigation.

In the case of the entrepreneur valiosa information Movements that are thought to be taking place in the country remit information and the authorities will be able to manage the judicial processes.

Si la justicia de EE.UU. It accepts that collaboration is or will be verified by the information process initiated against other people that will be able to handle it.

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