Police and military forces control the streets to control criminals. Photo: Government courtesy of Esmeraldas.

Violence continued unabated in Esmeraldas Exception condition. On Friday night, May 20, 2022, a man was killed by gunmen on his way home from a town on the coast of Ecuador.
William R., 38, passed away Las Palmas Sector And on the way back to the refinery, his car exploded.

The gunmen waited for him along a dirt road nearby to stop him. In place they activate them Weapons Fire is the cause of death. Apparently the vehicle was moving, as it turned out.

Its agent National Police They went to the area and collected information. It happened at 10:00 pm in a sector known as Lucha de los Pobres.

According to First investigationThe assailants fled in a van through the El Ibano site.

Another assassination attempt took place that Friday afternoon in the southern center of the Green Province capital. A 38-year-old man got one The effect of the bullet Outside his home, on Eloy Alfaro Avenue, between Quito and Calderon.
According to police officer Christian Salas, Hitman came in a gray car and fired several shots at Christian Wick.

One of them Projectile It was embedded in the right lumbar region, leaving him immobile on the floor. The assailant fled the scene as residents responded in a timely manner and prevented the attack from continuing.

Neighbors helped evacuate the injured man IES HospitalWhere it was stable.

Salas said a triangle operation was being carried out to find the whereabouts of the unidentified man.

Esmeraldas has been in a state of emergency since April 30, 2022 and for 60 days. However, the population believes that this measure did not work because Criminal acts They continue.

Former San Lorenzo Canton prosecutor Luis Neira was shot dead in downtown on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Emerald.

On his way to the lawyer’s office, he was attacked by unknown individuals Government and Prosecutor’s Office From the provincial capital.

Nira returned to the free exercise after spending years as a fiscal agent in the border cantonment Colombia. On the same night, two car bombs exploded in the city. According to official reports, the vehicles were stolen to cause the explosion.

The Ministry of Home Affairsr reported that raids were carried out and five people involved in the incident were arrested.

Authorities and the cause of the violent death Civil society They will work to get the attention of the national government.

This Saturday, for example, will be a general assembly by Antonio Krameri, Bishop of Esmeraldas. The population was summoned at 16:00 Citizen Square A representative of the Catholic Church in the city said, “The opportunity for the people of Esmeraldar to give their whole heart to God and see the divided hand of God, can bring peace in this environment,” said a representative of the Catholic Church.

Its mayor EmeraldLucia Sosa called for a march for peace on May 26, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. in the esplanade of the Aire Libre sector.

Municipal authorities will ask the government for more effective control measures Crime.


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