Emelek Beat comfortably Mushuk rune Inside Guayaquil. This Saturday, May 7, 2022, the result was 4-0 with three penalty goals on the day of the 12th match of LigaPro.

Despite less than a game, the electricians came in second, in the absence of a game. Valley is independent Y. League of Quito.

They quickly advanced to the scoreboard, led by Ismail Reskalvo. When the penalty was awarded in the fifth minute of the game EmelekDue to an error alexis zapata.

The man in charge from step eleven was captain Sebastian Rodriguez, who did not forgive and shot to the right of the goal.

Electric teammate Roberto Garcেসas was injured 17 minutes later due to a serious injury to his left arm.

When the game is over, Romero Cassedo He was found guilty of a foul inside the area and the judge, Juan Carlos Andre, convicted the offender. Sebastian Rodriguez scored again from the highest penalty.

In the supplement, both technicians have changed, one to improve team conditions and the other to save players, for the Shipyard Classic that is played weekly.

Alexis Zapata, who tried throughout the match, scored 68 Colombian He took advantage of a rebound and took shots at close range, increasing the Blues’ lead.

Anthony Bedoya was sent off in the 79th minute after he missed an Amlek goal with his hand, for which another maximum penalty was awarded. This time Jos ফ্র Francisco Sevalos He did not fail to come from eleven steps, Ecuador scored in the style of Panenka.

Emelek He is in second place with 21 points and one game less. This Wednesday, May 11, they will face Barcelona, ​​at the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil.


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