Depp accuses Heard of being unfaithful to the tycoon. Nevertheless, Kasturi sent them a message. Photo: EFE

In the judgment Johnny Depp Y. Amber Hard More than five weeks later, the Virginia jury, AmericaHeard the parties to a defamation suit filed by Depp Allegations of domestic violence by his ex-wife are considered false.

In the middle of the lawsuit Elon Musk, Owns Tesla – electric vehicle maker – and SpaceX – aerospace transportation company. He had a relationship with the richest man in the world I heardBut the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor has assured that they are married.

This was initially thought Musk He will have to testify before a jury to clarify his past I heard. However, he refused to attend and decided to remain silent. Now that the trial is over, he has chosen to give his opinion.

Made through it Twitter, You want to buy that social network. In a brief trail, he responds to scientist and computer scientist Lex Friedman, who shares his conclusions on the most mediating issue. Hollywood For this period

“1. Fame is a great drug (for some). 2. The level of skill of psychiatrists and lawyers is completely different. 3. Lying in front of millions of people is something that people can do. 4. Love can be complicated. 5. Mega pint off Wine, ”he joked. Friedman.

In conclusion, Musk He simply said: “I hope they both move forward. At their best, each of them is incredible.” He thus “did not take sides” in the case; Likes, in a somewhat diplomatic tone, to express his Sweetie From Ex-partner And wish them a bright future.

Was Amber Hard unfaithful to Johnny Depp with Elon Musk?

Although there were lawsuits between the actors to determine I heard Depp’s defamation Saying that he had violated her, she had sunk into their private lives for several days. The jury should have heard how much the marriage caused a storm because of the physical and emotional attacks.

Depp’s legal team asked the ‘Aquaman’ actress for an explanation for her alleged betrayal Musk. Despite the skepticism, the model also denied everything.

He described how he fought in 2016 Depp Before See galaOne of the most important fashion catwalks America. According to him, the actor “left his plantation”, so he had to be present alone. It wasn’t long before he met the tycoon and they exchanged words.

“She was with her mother. It reminded me that we already knew each other. She looked like a real gentleman. She was really pretty,” he said in a televised trial.

Also, he insisted that he had a two-year relationship Musk After marriage Depp; Not in the middle of it. The billionaire said the same thing before.

Amber And I started dating about a month after she filed for divorce. I was never close Amber Your wedding time! In this case, I would recommend that everyone involved go ahead and bury the cup. ” Musk In a statement for Page Six outlets.

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