Swimmer Sarah Pasios is the first Ecuadorian woman to cross the English Channel. Photo courtesy Unite

Athletes are characterized by their passion, perseverance and discipline. They spend a few hours a day training hard to achieve their goals. But, on many occasions, it is difficult for them to follow formal studies.

So, it is International University From La Rioja, Simultaneously with Couture FoundationDelivery Scholarship From Athletes Of EliteAs part of the initiative ‘Our future, our dream’Which seeks to promote educational social responsibility projects in Ecuador.

This facility is extended to athletes who have won medals in various subjects, e.g. Neisi DajomesEcuador’s first female Olympic medalist or chess player in weightlifting Martha IronInternational Grandmaster.

Academic and former Vice President of Ecuador, Rosalia Artega, Its president Social Council He explained that these scholarships have been awarded since 2019 and have benefited 14 athletes to date.

For her, these scholarships help athletes who cannot finish their university studies due to training online and be able to do so with flexible time. The Foundation is responsible for selecting athletes based on them International performance. In addition, an attempt is made to maintain a balance between men and women.

“It is imperative that athletes, in addition to their sporting careers, have other horizons, usually their careers as athletes end soon and they must have one. College careerArtega says.

The schedule allows training

Cyclist from Kerchen Elvis Kotachachi One of the recipients of this scholarship. In September he will start studying law in the evening and in the morning he will continue his training to achieve the goal of running in Europe.

The 22-year-old completed his third return to Ecuador in 2021, as part of the team Jonathan Norvez. He graduated three years ago High school Inside Social sciences, Upstairs Brother Fiscal Missionary Educational Unit
Miguel-la Salle.

Her parents wanted her to go to university the same year, but thanks for the advice Richard KarapazHer personal friend, decided to wait and promote her cycling career.

“I was the first indigenous person to become a professional cyclist and it was very exciting to complete my third trip to Ecuador,” Kotakachi said.

The scholarship he received was for sportsmanship and now he says he will make the most of it, because in a few years, when he quits cycling, he wants to practice law.

One of the athletes who was able to earn a master’s degree Scholarship Open water swimmer Sarah Palacios. He chose an MBA that was coming to an end and gave him the tools to run his business better.
Sports events.

Before finishing her undergraduate degree, she tried to do it a few times, but gave up due to lack of time to combine her sports activities with motherhood and studies. What has benefited him the most is his 100% ‘online’ program, designed for those who work.

‘There must be something beyond sports’

Sara Palacios, open water swimmer

Online education, which has come up further ExtremeIt is an option for us. The subject of sports does not take away the truth of the study; And no matter how good you are at a discipline, you certainly have Education And that’s why I think it’s extremely important that such scholarships exist.

Sometimes you say that this person is good at such a sport and his life is in it, but there must be something beyond that, because the sport also has limitations in the sense that over time you will no longer practice with the same intensity. . I think this recognition is very good for people who have already left enough training and have this opportunity. Academic subjects.


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