Participate in the second round Presidential election Inside France At 5:00 pm on April 24, 2022 it reached 63.23% of the census (10:00 am in Ecuador and 3:00 pm GMT), two hours after the first school closed, which was about two points less than the first round fifteen days before and The lowest since 1969.

In the second round of 2017, when the current conflict between liberals Emanuel Macron And the extreme right Marine coatingParticipation was 65.30% at the same time.

This Sunday the 24th is less than the number registered in 2002, when 67.62% voted in an election at 5:00 pm.

It was even higher in 2012, when it reached 71.96% of the census, and in 2007, when it was 75%.

We must go back to the second round of 1969, which was faced by “Golist” Georges Pompido With the Christian Democrats Aline PoherTo find out the low break rate in the absence of two hours to close the first school.

The turnout in France rose slightly towards noon, when 26.41% of the population had already exercised their franchise, one point higher than the first time.

With this information, survey organizations predict a Refrain Who wanders, at the end of the day, 28th%Which will be the highest in the history of the second round of the French election.

For the second consecutive presidential election, it will mark a Decreased participation Compared to the first round, when the break was 26.30%. Until 2017, more French people voted in the final round than in the first round.

If these predictions are confirmed, it would be close to the absolute record of abstaining from the presidential election set in the first round of 2002 with 28.4%.

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