The Former Vice Chancellor Explain that request Refund Of Former President One in Ecuador Case Still Open. Does not stop the process of granting a possible asylum.

When National Court of Justice Raphael, convicted of bribery, has announced that he is being extradited to Korea, and his defense has further stated that Belgium has granted asylum to the former president. Former Vice Chancellor Edwin Johnson Search the meaning of that image.

What is the right to asylum?

Asylum is a very old institution that has been legally established for many centuries. It dates back to before the Middle Ages. People fled persecution and sought refuge in churches. In principle, it was a humane way to help. Then, it is argued that it should not be for criminals but
For the oppressed.

What causes a country to grant asylum?

The receiving state must qualify for that asylum. Asylum seeker You need to observe the underlying causes. Inevitably, it has to follow political reasons, not general reasons. Asylum in Latin America has thus evolved, expanded, enriched, and strengthened as a holding right. Shelter has played a very important role.

Is there a difference between political and diplomatic asylum?

Diplomatic asylum and regional asylum are the same. They always refer to victims of a political nature, in both cases. Asylum is asylum and nothing more, it is fulfilled in the embassy or directly in any country. But obviously it has to be for political reasons, for injustice.

Coreismo claims, its leader has political asylum, what happened there?

He completed his mandate and moved to Belgium. Certainly he calculated that, next time, there would be a demand from the Ecuadorian authorities. And, indeed, Korea was criminally guilty. Thus, he is no longer politically abused, but the Ecuadorian state, through its judiciary, determines that he is guilty of a serious crime. Belgium, in this case, needs to study the grounds for extradition by the state of Ecuador.

What is the difference between a homeless person and a refugee?

A refugee is a person who leaves their country of origin due to political pressure or an emergency and is deprived of diplomatic protection abroad. But it has more to do with humanitarian problems ক্ষেত্রে in the case of a war, for example, in Ukraine. There is a large group of residents who seek refuge and cross the border.

According to a document in which the newspaper had access, there is a certificate dated April 15 from the General Commissioner for Refugees and Stateless persons in Belgium, which grants refugee status to Raphael Correa …

There is a conflict. I think that Belgian law allows the granting of refugee status, unless all the documents that the Ecuadorian judiciary has to send to the Belgian authorities can be properly studied in an organized manner. They should find out exactly how the legal process led Raphael Correa to the conclusion of the crime.

Is it true that a shelter still leaves the possibility of extradition and not a blockade like a shelter?
Of course. That means no decision has been reached yet. Ecuador has an obligation to prepare all documents that have been duly translated into French to be sent to the Belgian judicial authorities. You have to do it with lead feet.

What else should Ecuador’s diplomacy do?

The advisory board has always existed within the State Department, consisting of personalities such as the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Foreign Minister of Congress, and former Foreign Ministers who were aware of these cases. And go to them with all their experience. Board reactivation can contribute to resolving this situation; It is very necessary.

Does asylum and asylum prohibit the applicant’s political activity?

In both cases, there are restrictions that the receiving state is obliged to disclose to the asylum seeker, so that they comply with the restrictions that the country is accepting. His participation in politics is forbidden. We must be respectful in the face of lawsuits between the two countries. It is clearly the same (with asylum or asylum), in no case can it be surpassed by political expression.

Edwin Johnson

He is a doctor of law, with a master’s degree in Caribbean Studies. He entered the Foreign Service in October 1970 as a professional diplomat. He is an ambassador in the Passive Service. He was Deputy Foreign Minister with Lucio Guterres. He has experience as a professor of diplomatic law and public international law. He is the Honorary Consul of Malaysia in Ecuador.

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