Members of Movistar Best PC in the presentation of Vuelta a Colombia. Photo: Twitter @ Vueltacolombia1

The Colombia tour, which begins on June 3, 2022, features two Ecuadorian teams: Movistar Best PC and Banco Guaquil.

Among the favorites, Colombian Jose Tito Hernandez is different, precisely from Banco Guaquil.

Hernandez will have the support of fellow Colombian Robinson Chalapud and Ecuador’s Richard Huerra, Steven Harrow, Alexis Quintero and young Lenin Montenegro.

Among the favorites, Tim Medellin’s men are also different, playing their cards with Aldemar Reyes and Fabio Duarte, both with extensive national and international travel; Rodrigo Conteras will be the head of EPM Scott’s spear. Colombia Land of Athletes Wilson Pena could look for the title.

There are 176 runners registered from 26 teams including foreigners Guakil Bank Y. Movistar Best PC, From Ecuador; Tim Illuminati from the United States and Mexican Canal Geruno and Tim Petrolik.

It will also be an opportunity for young Jose Orien and Oscar Fernandez (Indeports Boaca Avanza); Cesar Pantoza (Movistar-Best PC), Juan Tito Randon (Orgulo Paisa), Felipe Rodriguez (Mayor’s Office La Vega), Jonathan Maldonado (Tim Herrera Sport) and David Rico (Colombia Tierra de Atletas) are the best performers in this race. Need more.

The first leader

Luis Carlos Chía, from the SuperGIROS Alcaldía de Manizales Team, won the first round of this edition of the Vuelta and wore the first race leader costume. The stage was run between Barranquilla and Cartagena.

Colombia tour

The tour will end on the 12th of this month with a separate time trial of 41.9 kilometers, including a route between Pipa and Tunjar in the Boaca Department.

The cycling trip, an event under the UCI 2.2 calendar, will take runners through the divisions of Atlantico, Bolivar, Cordoba, Sucre, Antioch, Caldas, Kundinamarka and Boyaka.

Throne contestants in the fourth stage will have their first contact with the mountains, 158.4 km between the Caucasus and Yarumall, the mountain prize at the Alto de Ventanas and the second at the Alto Minavieza.

The next day, there will be three mountain prizes in the fifth fraction between Yarumal and La Unin, where the eighth between Sopo and Somandoko will climb to the third division.

The seventh fraction will serve to further select the candidates for the title for the slope dose as it starts from Mariquita (Tolima) and ends at Alto del Vino, 140 km away.

The shortest day will be the eighth day of 96.3 km, Friday 10 June, which will be played between the cities of Sopó and Somondoco (center).

The longest will be 202.6 kilometers from Rionegro (Antioquia) to La Dorada (Caldas), which will be June 8, where heat will be the main cause.

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