Ecuador One will be live from Saturday, February 26, 2022 Holidays Long And with the eldest D-escalation From Health restrictions In about two years Extreme.

At the February 24 session, National COE President Juan Zapata said, “This is a holiday with minimal restrictions, so it is expected that there will be a fairly high movement, it will be a high-intensity holiday.”

Zapata also mentioned that the main destinations would be the coastal axis and the provinces of Sierra Centro and Astro where traditional carnival activities take place.

Epidemic situation in Ecuador

Deputy Minister of Health, Jose Rouelles also attended the meeting, who mentioned Health situation The country lives. The official confirmed that a constant decrease Case From Covid-19 And in the seven weeks of the epidemic, 13,600 infections were reported, compared to 51,300 in the third and 40,569 in the fourth.

Reuels confirmed that this reduction in cases is evident in all cases Age groupEspecially in the population aged 20 to 49, which registered the highest number of infections.

In Mortality By Covid-19 The seventh week saw a decrease in confirmed and probable deaths with 43 deaths, compared to 112 in the sixth week and 143 in the fifth.

According to PositivityRuales indicates that there is a more significant reduction with 10% PCR test (10 out of every 100 tests are positive) and 28% in the test Antigen. In the fifth week this value was located at 48% and 45%, respectively.

All of these indicators are positive, as mentioned in Ruel, and the country is moving in one direction Reactivation.

Biosecurity stockings for the holidays

The Deputy Minister further recalled that “the use of masks was not excluded” and Compulsory use In open and closed spaces and on public transport, as well as others Biosecurity stockings Such as physical distance, space ventilation and frequent hand washing or use of alcohol gel.

He further emphasized that Presentation The Certificate With QR code or vaccine card Compulsory for all Unnecessary activities As a public place.


For PowerSince last January 21 COE National Removes epidemic traffic lights and changes power with it External And Internal.

Authorities have determined that the outside power is 100% when indoors Essential activities Such as market, financial entity, public service 80%.

For non-essential activities such as restaurants, movies, circuses, theaters, without the sale and consumption of food and beverages, gym and spa, 80% of the permitted capacity is indoors. For when Pub, KaraokeDiscos, tolerance centers and the like 60% inside and 75% outside.

For such outdoor space The beach And Park Power 100%.

According to the resolution of the National CEE on February 18, Eliminate The Taking temperature As a precautionary measure against Covid-19.

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