Account rendering time Ministry of HealthThis Monday, March 28, 2022, the owner of the bouquet, Jimena Garjan In favor of the government’s decision to open Power Up to 100%.

The official mentioned all of them Measurement That is taken in context Extreme From Covid-19 Based on scientific and technical evidence.

“The decision to open up power and we have a permit Holidays There was more relaxation based on epidemiological and statistical data, ”he said.

The garrison added that several weeks had passed since the holiday Carnival And there was no record New outbreak In this case, “we are on the path to epidemic control. We are going to be one of the first countries in the region, “he said.

In this situation the Minister mentioned that, a New stage From Social reactivation Under the quote: ‘If you want to remove the mask, you must apply booster dose’.

Thus, it seeks to encourage population to settle The third vaccine And thus remove the compulsory use Mask On Open space.

As of March 26, 5,174,534 people had applied the third dose, according to Vacunometer.

Related InfectionGarzón has so far explained that Epidemic Week 12 519 confirmed cases Covid-19A statistic that doesn’t compare to more than 61,000 in the second week.

The Death They have also declined due to the virus and there has been one death in 12 weeks, the garrison said. With that the officer remembered omicron waves There was a peak of deaths in the fourth week: 240 among confirmed and probable.

According to the epidemic report of the Ministry of Health, the index did not register an increase for three consecutive days from March 19 to 21, 2022.

The report further states that Viral positivity It dropped from 61% in early January to 5% today. The head of the state portfolio noted that if this number had been maintained, Ecuador could have already taken control. Extreme On a national scale.

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