Ecuador’s “Covid-19 epidemic is under control,” he assured EFEC on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. Jimena GarjanMinister of Public Health.

“We are at a stage where we can say we have The epidemic In our country, “he said, the nation has already registered a” local index. “

Although there has been one in recent days Viral positivity increased by about 7% In the PCR test, the Guardian considers that the “only” possibility that the current situation will be reversed is that a new variant will appear, “not only that. More contagious but more deadlyAnd it didn’t happen worldwide. “

Last February, incidents of the Delta variant disappeared in Ecuador where only the Omicron variant is currently in vogue, according to the minister, who is expecting the results of a study this month to determine whether 92% of the population is already immune. From Covid-19.

83% have been vaccinated with two doses

“Ecuador is one of the few countries to have been vaccinated since the age of three,” the minister told IFE, noting that more than 14 million people have already been vaccinated. Two doses of the vaccineEquivalent to 83% of the population, while the percentage increases with a single dose to 87%.

Also, about 35% of the population already has a booster: 5.8 million including the third dose And 114,072 including the fourth, a process that is still open in various parts of the country, where no serious cases have been registered as an effect of inoculation.

“Of the 14,563,410 people who have been vaccinated, we have received only three cases associated with the vaccine: a strong allergic reaction, a Guillain-Barre syndrome And a thrombocytopenia syndrome, and all three were reversed. People have recovered. We weren’t There are no vaccine-related deaths“, He mentioned.

In addition to dealing with sequel-related cases from Covid-19, the minister noted that they are establishing a follow-up counseling and psychological support program to address the effects of captivity on the population.

“It simply came to our notice then. There’s one that we’ve identified Increase in depressionSuicide attempts, even suicides, especially among young people ”, he remarked, assuring that, with other organizations, they work on early detection to prevent triggers of serious mental illness or disorders ending in severe depression.

Two vaccine factories?

Garzon recalled that in the midst of the epidemic, the Chinese agency Synovac Has expressed interest in setting up a vaccine factory in Ecuador and “decided that, for the convenience of the factory operations, they want to do it in Duran”, in the province of Guas.

“We are involved in the legal process State of Ecuador In the production of that vaccine, “Garzon said before mentioning that the initial investment of the Chinese firm will be 60 million US dollars.

Assume that Factory building It begins in the middle of the year and completes the final stage of vaccine development, which will have other steps. Those factories are synovial Not only against Covid-19, but also in Chile, Colombia and Brazil, there are plans to develop vaccines against various diseases.

Sinovak plans to set up a vaccine factory within a year, but the most important stage is staff training, as it plans to hire trained workers in China to move forward with that process in Ecuador.

Similarly, he moved on to that American company Yellowstone BiotechnologyLLC, which has manufacturing plants in Africa, has shown interest in building one Vaccine factory in Ecuador To deal with Covid-19 and other diseases.

He confirmed that a representative of the firm had visited Ecuador last February and that they were proceeding with the analysis at the moment.

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