The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given details in this regard Ukrainian city According to the official registry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, where 493 Ecuadorians living in that country were found.

People of Ecuadorian nationality are found in seven cities: Kiev, Sumi, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Zaporizia, Dnipropetrovsk And Bila Terekiva. These regions are located near the Russian border.

How many Ecuadorians are there by city in Ukraine?

Until February 23, 2022, Chancellor It is recorded that Kiev (the Ukrainian capital) alone has 223 inhabitants. There are six Ecuadorians in Sumi, 47 in Kharkiv, 1 in Mariupol 1, 140 in Zaporizhia, 15 in Dnipropetrovs’k and 5 in Bila Terikva.

As of Friday, February 25, six entrances have been identified through which Russian troopsFour of them are on the eastern border with Ukraine, where seven cities are located.

More than 12 places have been added to this list, including Ecuadorians A total of 702, according to the Chancellor Juan Carlos Holguin.

Ecuadorians have evacuated Ukraine

However, that figure varies with indigenous migration PolandWhich took place on the night of this 24th of February.

“At this time, we do not have updated information. Many have left without registration. The ambassador to Austria is going to request this information / immigration record from Poland “, they reported from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I am walking to Poland to escape the bombing

Mauricio Pacheco, an Ecuadorian living in Ukraine, spoke to EL COMERCIO on the afternoon of February 25 (Ecuadorian time) and described:

“I am trying to go to Poland, I still have a long way to go. They are as they are Three hours walk. I think we failed the calculation, I think it’s too late. You have to walk a lot and it’s complicated with being overweight. “

He could not be reached for comment.

Russian invasion

After the Russian President ordered a military operation on February 24, Vladimir PutinHappened Missile attack In military administration, airports and military depot centers in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipropetrovsk. There have been at least four explosions in Kramatorsk, according to Europa press reports.

The news agency reported the news Russian Armed Forces They have intensified their attacks on Kiev in recent hours, combining land and air, meaning imminent entry into the Ukrainian capital.

General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that “Russian tanks were advancing towards Kiev”, so a battle would have taken place near the city of Ivankov, just 33 kilometers from the capital’s historic center.

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