When Ukraine This was 04:20 this 25 February, 2022, Capital, Kiev, Was attacked by the Russian army. At that time, d Dagmar Norvez of Ecuador He was on his way to a train station, where he had spent the whole morning

He was not around BombingBut he felt them, Dagmar tells EL Commissario, to get on the train he was on. LvivA city to the west UkraineAbout 60 km from the border Poland.

After spending the morning at the plant, the young woman’s train leaves the capital at 11:30 am (Ukrainian time). On his way, around 6:30 pm, Dagmar said it didn’t take long for him to arrive, to go as far as possible. Conflict. “The train turns around to make it more Sure

In his car, Dagmar was traveling with about 10 people, one of whom Children. Although there was not much in that area EcuadoriansThe young woman said that there were more natives in other cars. He estimates that, in total, about 35 people boarded the train.

Dagmar a Video He shared this diary to show how they travel. In the picture, several people are seen trying to reconcile themselves in a small space. They also try to open Windows To withstand the heat of the train.

10 Ecuadorians in a van

The plan Joel Leon And had fled with his sister 35 Ecuadorian – including three children who live in Odessa, a port city in Ukraine But only 10 people rented a van for which they each paid around $ 250.

The rest, either they did not have the resources to relocate or they decided to stay in a very open town with other relatives. They made their lives Ukraine And here they have grandparents, uncles, cousins, ”he says Ecuadorians.

When Ecuador This Friday at 10:50, February 25 (around 6:00 pm in Ukraine), the Ecuadorians traveled for about 40 minutes, Lviv, Near the Polish border. “We think we’ll get there in 10 to 12 hours.”


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