From Miami, New York Or ChicagoDistance was not an obstacle for one Claws With Ecuadorians who have returned to the country Selection.

Presence Leo Messi And the opportunity to meet you Families After the epidemic, they too took the initiative to argue Travel.

“It’s hard to go to Qatar, for money and work,” said Jonathan Segura, who came to Guayaquil Coming from New York on Sunday night. The tickets were bought by a cousin who was with him at the game.

For Joel Serrano, it has been fulfilled with two purposes Travel: To see Messi And for selection. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to fly from Chicago. “By the way, I also see the family,” he said enthusiastically.

A group of citizens came from there Miami With the national team in the last match of the qualifying round. “No matter where you are, you will never lose love for your country,” said Monica Altamirano, a traveler.
They have teamed up with thousands of fans from all over the country to attend the Monumental del Estero Salado.

Vehicles with license plates from Ajua, Pichincha, Chimborajo and other provinces were driven to the match site amid heavy traffic created by the closure of roads operated by the Traffic and Mobility Authority (ATM) for the meeting.

Sales and resale, to order

The Merchants “Acquired position” from Monday. His proposal included a copy of the national team jersey.

“Sold out a little on Monday, it’s good today,” admits Rosa Cela, who came from Riobamba For Market Your product. He noted that municipal police officers had given them permission to stay in some places.

The flags of Ecuador or Argentina are sold for 3 US dollars. “Both teams have fans,” said salesman Luis Medina.

There were also sellers of all kinds of goods: horns, food, hats and rain covers. Ticket brokers also disguised themselves by offering to enter the stadium.

“Brother, everyone comes to sell and no one buys,” said one seller, offering tickets at the official price. The Ecuador Football Federation has joined it USD 24 Normal And USD 60 Grandstands.

This includes all that has been done in the middle of a police operation Intervention 38 senior officers, who were in command of 54 junior officers and 670 men The police.

A police spokesman said the use of these personnel did not “affect” the development of surveillance and activities in other parts of the city.

The Dressed in uniform Order control and use review Mask And its certificate Vaccine. They searched for attendees for flames, fireworks, fire extinguishers, colored smoke, laser pointers, paper rolls and other prohibited items.

Excitement for Messi

Then the stadium Monumental Guayaquil was the center of the movement, the city center was the center of hundreds of fans who wanted to see Lionel Messi at the hotel where the Argentine team was, located on 9D October and at Avenida del Izaricito.

“I am satisfied with one photo, but with an autograph I will be happy forever,” commented Andrea Sanchez. The woman used her luncheon time to look for the 10 Albiceleste and try to get the long awaited signature.
A section of the hotel was guarded by police personnel who used fences to block the movement of vehicles and people. Hotel staff took care of other access to the place.

A Staff Withdraw the place that has staff Training So that guests are not bothered and respect their privacy. He assured that while operating the hotel they found singers, celebrities and elite athletes, no news was recorded.

‘Excitement for itFlies‘It was so big that people left the entrance line to greet the bus passage carrying the Argentine team. The southern delegation arrived in two buses, a motorcycle and a helicopter. Upon arrival, fans were heard shouting in chorus: “Messi, Messi”.

Qatari Creoles and Devil Humas

Most of the fans came with T-shirt The Ecuadorian team also had a jacket Argentina. What was interesting was the amount Amateur Those who come after its style of clothing ArabWearing a turban.
“We stand for the people of Manta,” said ারfercho_me on Instagram. They have been wearing this dress on their heads since the beginning of the trip to Manabi port with a friend.

A meter further back, a father and son were wearing masks. Satan huh. They traveled all night by bus from Kotakachi, to go to their appointment with everyone’s team.

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