Priscilla Sullen from Ecuador (left) in a fencing match with Colombia’s Maria de Los Angeles Jaramillo at the 2022 Bolivarian Games. Photo: EFE

Ecuador will be represented in 10 sports disciplines at the Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games in Colombia this Saturday, June 25, 2022.

Judo, boxing, artistic gymnastics, karate, speed skating, badminton, bowling, squash, fencing and equestrian sports will be among the disciplines where the waves will see action on this day.

On this day medals are handed over in judo and skating events.

Ecuador has already entered the medal table with the gold of Miriam Nunez in the individual time trial of road cycling.

Here is the June 25 agenda:

Ecuador in the Bolivarian Games

Cyclist Miriam Nunez wins gold medal at Bolivarian Gamesr, this June 24, 2022, time trial.

This was the first competition for RioBambana, who was involved in a traffic accident last February, when a The van went over him while he was training He had very little time to return to training in Quito.

Ecuadorian cyclist 00:42:59 Time recorded, On the Road Cycling Time Trial.

“It simply came to our notice then. We live in difficult times but try, give up a lot, dreams come true. Thanks to my great team for being with me, I have achieved this and above all to my God, ”the Ecuadorian wrote on his social network, once he got on stage and Ecuadorian music played.

Colombia’s Serica Guluma is second and Venezuela’s Lilibeth del Carmen Chacon is third. Ecuador’s Anna Vivar was in sixth place

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