At just 18 years old, he is already training for the Ajax first team. This is Ecuador’s Patrickson Delgado, who was promoted to the historic football team in the Netherlands.

Delgado joined the youth team this season and, on June 28, 2022, he was promoted to first-team training at Precision. A key step in consolidating a sports career in Europe.

The youthful tri-color midfielder is the nephew of the historic striker Augustine Delgado.

Patrickson Luigi Delgado was born in Villa Ibarra and has a contract with Ajax until mid-2023. At the end of January 2022, the youth moved from Independiente del Valle to Ajax.

Now the new coach Alfred Schroeder He has considered him to train with the first team of the strong cast of Amsterdam.

Praise for the ‘tin’

“I grew up praising my uncle. The shirt he gave me from Southampton, England, is one of my best assets, ”the athlete told this newspaper about the‘ teen ’Delgado in 2016.

So, Patrickson was training at the IDV Quarry in Chilo Gijne and was a captain of Sub 14.

“Wearing an independent shirt is a big responsibility. I am representing the future champion of Ecuador, ”said Imbaburi. A few years later, what he said became a reality when in 2021 Raydos was crowned for the first time in the country.

Purchase options

“The midfielder joined immediately, on loan from the Ecuadorian club, for one and a half seasons until June 30, 2023. In agreement, Includes a purchase option“Ajax specified when the transfer was confirmed.

When the transfer was completed at the end of January, the Dorakatas also expressed their views. “A loan to continue building your future. We are announcing the transfer of Patrickson Delgado to Ajax. Success is for those who work for it”, published from Sangolqui.

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