Ecuadorian painter Olmedo Quimbita presents his work at the American Museum in Puerto Rico. Photo: EFE

The Painter Ecuadorian Olmedo Quimbita Puerto Rico exhibits 25 of his most iconic works in the American Museum, its first exhibition Indigenous artists From the epidemic Covid-19.

The exhibition, titled “Changes in Time”, will be open to the public until August 14, and Quimbita, 57, described it as “a complete process of maturation” where “every stroke has more significance as an artist”.

β€œIt is possible that the sample will then go America, Especially in the cultural sites of Miami and Washington. I am always proud to be present at these invitations. It’s not just my job, I represent Ecuador and the art we create, “Quimbita, known as the” painter of light, “commented in a statement.

During his captivity due to Covid-19, Quimbita continued to build in his hotel-gallery at the foot of the Pacific Ocean. OlanOn the Santa Elena Peninsula.

Internal journey

“I draw Andean light And Tropical light. I am drawing the world that surrounds me, and always with deep hope, depicting the beauty of the family, children, mothers … the universe ”, a reflection of the artist born in Latakunga in 1963, an Andean city. Center of Ecuador.

“‘Time changes’ I consider it Internal journey, Both on a human level and on an artistic level. My first job was when I was 7 years old; My artistic career has been going on for 35 years: it has gone through some time and it has been going on like this year after year. I am developing themes and developing as an artist, ”he commented.

Work presented in 14 countries

About 2,000 works have come out of his palette and have been exhibited separately in Egypt, Jordan, Paraguay, England, Israel, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Costa Rica and now various countries. Also Puerto Rico. Rich.

Embedded in Latin American symbolism, his work is not costumbrist or offers everyday landscapes, but provides the viewer with an imaginative world of local realities through which the painter creates his mark by denouncing social events, including immigration.

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