A mission Ecuadorian businessman Went on a business trip MiamiTo pave a path Trade agreement With America. The business meeting was organized by the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil.Amcham) Was then the first international face-to-face event Extreme.

Will host Miami’s V Meeting Council of Commerce and Investment (TIC). During the meeting, delegations from both countries proposed steps to deepen the process Business relationshipImproving the import process and ExportStrengthening commitment on labor and environmental issues for more sustainable production.

All this, with a view of a signature Trade agreement Between the two countries. The United States is Ecuador’s main trading partner.

Its president Guayaquil, Neri MerezildoThis speaks to the importance of being in Miami before May 6, 2022 Conversation He said, “Negotiations need to be encouraged Trade agreement With clean and stable rules.

Ecuador has ambitions Renewal Of GSP (General system of choice) For a new period. In addition, the authorities seek to obtain the treatment provided by the MFN section (The most preferred race genre) To make the country’s trade with the United States more competitive.

During the visit, a working meeting was held with the local commercial, political and diplomatic authorities. The appointment was made by the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce of Miami (Ecuador) and Miami Dead Trade International ConsortiumWith help and support Corpei.

Ecuador offer

Entrepreneurs from its sector Fresh fruits, processed foodsSupply Agriculture Y. Plastic They completed 38 business appointments during the Miami tour. They have also toured the field Port And focus on business purchases Products For the Latino population.

The event was attended by 15 representatives of Agricominsa (Plastic Cutlery), Tierra Dulce, Carvagu (Food Supplement and Vitamin), Servilord / Translatin (Banana, Edo, Malanga), Campeque (Banana Snacks), Coneflosa (Agricultural Ingredients), Company. Pimonfruit (Pitahaya, Granadilla and frozen), Frutibony (Pitahaya and banana) and Marina Trading (canned fish).


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