From the beginning Thoughts Before that Ukraine For military strikes RussiaIn the first days of February 2022, governments Latin Americans Has published various reports on their numbers Citizens Those who live in that country. Since then, South Americans have sought to get out safely in the event of an incident Bombing.

After the expedition Russian troops at the behest of Vladimir Putin, Thursday, February 24, 2022, Government The United States has taken various steps to evacuate its citizens from the south of the continent, through their State Department.

According to the immigration authorities of each country, these are some of the statistics of South American nationalities that were in Ukraine during the war:

Ecuador reported the highest number, with 700 citizens

Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry says it has registered 700 Ecuadorians living in Ukraine. This is February 25, 2022, Ministry of Foreign Affairs It is reported that the evacuation of the natives in different cities of Ukraine has started and they will be taken away Poland.

320 from Peru, the government sent a defense plane

From Peru, this Friday, February 25, the Ministry of Defense announced the sending of an aircraft Repatriation To all citizens of that nationality. President Pedro Castillo made the announcement.

In a statement to the media, Maria Antonita Masana, community ambassador abroad at the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, said that around 320 Citizens of Peru In Ukraine, 196 people have already been included in the evacuation list.

Colombia has offered to accompany its 100 citizens

On his behalf, President ColombiaIván Duque reports that they have a record of 100 compatriots living in Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramirez said they had taken Communication With citizens Residents Ukraine and that they will provide Accompanying So that they can leave the country safely.

103 With permanent residence and transit from Argentina

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Argentina He called on all his countrymen to leave the country of conflict and noted that “Embassy Argentines Poland And inside Romania They are aware of the situation and are available to assist those who travel to those countries by land. ”

On the date of the Russian military incursion, total 83 Argentina With Permanent residence In Ukraine and 20 others TransitAccording to a publication The Nation magazine.

Some Chileans in Ukraine

From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile They further said that they have contacted their compatriots and provided them assistance. The government says it has maintained contact with five of its citizens and their families.

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