After signing the MoU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Between Ecuador and China, a series of processes need to be completed to start negotiations.

Last week, the President said William Lasso He has traveled to Asian countries, where the first step was taken to negotiate a trade agreement.

Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, Julius Joseph PradoExplain that the first step is to work on the terms AgreementFor the next few weeks.

This phase determines the rules of the country Talk – talk Scope, depth and topics will be discussed.
According to Prado, the goal is to expand the market for current exportable offers such as bananas, shrimp, cocoa, etc. It mainly wants to launch new products Grain production center Such as cereals, vegetables or fruit snacks.

The Minister further said that the most sensitive sector in the issue such as Dr. Production And the industry will try to reach the maximum time of tariff reduction for the offer coming from Asian countries.

After that, the special negotiating team is activated and Schedule The round of talks, which will be virtual and face-to-face, will be conditional Biosecurity Of each country.

The ‘adjoining room’ will also be activated, a process that facilitates participation and Technical cooperation In the development of productive sector Dialogue In the process of negotiating various trade agreements.

Thus, the government hopes to start negotiations on the FTA China Will be completed before the end of 2022.

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