Vice Secretary of State Luis Vyas reports that Ecuador will chair a forum at the US summit and is expected to close talks with Mexico to join the Pacific Alliance next week. Photo: Lewis Vyas Twitter

Ecuador Preside over the forum Our green futureOne of the issues to be debated IX Summit of America, Which will be held in Los Angeles, USA from June 6 to 10, 2022. This was confirmed by Ecuador’s Deputy Foreign Minister Luis Vyas on Friday, May 20, 2022.

The Vice Chancellor was in charge of the official departure of the US First Lady, Jill BidenWho left Quito this Friday to continue his agenda in Panama.

In an interview with Radio Única, Vayas explained that five Action plan The summit will discuss: health and resilience, a green future, transformation into clean energy, digital transformation, and democratic governance.

“Ecuador is going to preside over an important forum at the summit, which is almost Our green future. That’s where the fundamental axis of our foreign policy, diplomacy and climate change, comes into play, “he said.

He emphasized that the summit was a place that would “cover trade, investment, democracy, individual freedom, human rights, and sustainable development.”

President William Lasso, Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguin and a delegation will represent Ecuador at the gathering of the leaders of the Hemisphere countries. A feature of this is that the authorities of the countries that were democratically elected participate.

At the last summit of 2018, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Not invited. In this regard, Vyas said that Ecuador would “respect the sovereign decision of the United States as the host country.”

On 18 April, Lasso announced that he was not ready to decide on the resumption of relations with Venezuela in the light of Argentina’s offer.

Initiatives against plastic pollution

Vyas stressed that Ecuador was “the first country to formally declare the need to have an international, legally binding instrument for plastic pollution worldwide.”

He remembers that frame United Nations Environment ProgramLast March, the countries agreed to work for an agreement that would control plastic pollution. Ecuador wants to preside over “that negotiation process” and implement the initiative in a Galapagos agreement.

Pacific Alliance

Ecuador’s vice chancellor Pacific Alliance This is because “negotiations are nearing completion.” A trade mission will arrive in Ecuador from Mexico on 23 May.

“We believe that next week we will close negotiations with Mexico, which gives us free rein to enter as full members. Pacific Alliance“That’s right. Through this, the Ecuadorian government expects to enter new markets and increase exports by 23%.

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