The footballers of the three teams were attacked at the end of the match against Nigeria. Photo: Screenshot of the transmission.

AndFrame Can be approved again, for Attack their fans The friendly match ends June 2, at Red Bull Stadium in New Jersey Against Nigeria.

Sports advocates consider it this way, Celso Vasco da Gama. The lawyer explained that attacking fans on the field was considered a punishable act, FIFA regulations.

Yes there could be a penalty“Expert Diario told El Commersio. He quotes paragraph two of point 16 of the second title of the International Organization for Discipline, which considers attack or attempted attack. Lack of discipline and safety rules In the game

According to the regulations quoted by the lawyer, there are various approvals for this offense. This could be a warning, quote, fine, refund, or withdrawal of a title. “Must be fine”Vasco da Gama explained.

If so, the economic sanction – by regulation – should not be less than USD 1,039.30 and Not more than USD 1.04 million.

Who has to pay the fine?

The expert clarified that although there may be fines, they can be imposed Ecuador Football Federation or Nigerian. “Consideration should be given to which of the associations hosted the event.”

Tri-matches are regular Organized by an outside company. FIFA regulations include “legal persons” as objects of approval.


The FEF was recently approved by FIFA for a fan attack on the stadium. This time happened Match against Argentina, Qatar at the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil for the final date of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The international organization imposed a fine in May USD 20,450 for fan access, Who attacked the playground to take a picture and record a video Leo Messi And then upload it to your social networks.

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