Referential image. Shrimp could not be exported to Ukraine in March 2022. Photo: File / EL Commerce

The Armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine According to the figures presented, in March 2022, both the value and volume of Ecuador’s exports to these European countries declined. FedExpore.

Exports and imports to Russia

Exported in March this year Russia has added 90 million US dollarsWhich represents a 14% increase over March 2021, which was USD 79 million.

The Banana It was the most popular product. This fruit alone had an export balance of 83 83 million. Then there are USD 6 million flowers and other ingredients such as shrimp, canned fruits and vegetables and broccoli.

However, the quantity of the product has been sent to Russia Reduced by 29%. Flower exports alone increased by 43%. However, the prices of other products including bananas have come down. In the case of shrimp it was, for example, -95%.

“Export prices are lower than declining Volume reductionThat would suggest better pay for the smaller products shipped, ”Fedexpor points out.

For Import In March 2022, USD 13 million was registered, which is three times less than in March 2021. Although imports “have fallen sharply, Russia continues to be the main supplier of fertilizer to Ecuador.”

Exports and imports to Ukraine

There are the most discouraging statistics in terms of exports Ukraine. They only joined in March $ 310,000 And there was one Its export value decreased by 97%. Similarly, the volume of export products decreased by 99%.

Only two products were shipped to Ukraine in the specified month: Flowers and bananas and bananas. But the value of the first decreased by -8% and by -64% in quantity; The second has lost -100% in both value and quantity.

Ingredients like coffee, shrimp and canned fruits and vegetables were not exported.

Related Imports up 2% In terms of quality and 162%. “However, the demand from Ukraine is very low,” said FedExpore

Ecuador’s most sought after items include candy, leather goods, and chemical products.

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