Ecuador’s national team will play its fourth FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Photo: EFE

Ecuador’s national team, which has been ranked for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, has moved up two places in the FIFA rankings released on Wednesday, June 23, 2022.

Led by Argentina’s Gustavo Alfaro, they are now in 44th place with 1,463.74 points, which is 11.11 more than those obtained in the previous classification published on 10 February, where they were in 46th place.

After a very intense month in terms of national team matches, Brazil are ahead and their lead has increased somewhat. He now has 1,837.56 points compared to 1,821.92 for Belgium.

The good moment in Lionel Scaloni’s ‘Albiceleste’ is reflected in its growth. It is already in third place with 1,770.65 points, surpassing France with 1,764.85 points left.. Despite poor performances in the League of Nations, England are fifth with 1,737.46.

Spain, in sixth place with 1,716.93 points, is now in seventh place, ahead of Italy with 1,713.86 points, ahead of the Netherlands with 1,679.41 points, in eighth place from Portugal (1,678.65).

Denmark, one of the most sensitive teams in recent times, has risen to tenth place and Germany lost to Mexico in the XITwelfth, down three positions. Uruguay is in thirteenth place.

FIFA ranking

1.- Brazil: 1837.56
2.- Belgium: 1821.92
3.- Argentina: 1770.65
4.- France: 1764.85
5.- England: 1737.46
6.- Spain: 1716.93
7.- Italy: 1713.86
8.- Netherlands: 1679.41
9.- Portugal: 1678.65
10.- Denmark: 1665.47
13.- Uruguay: 1643.71
17.- Colombia: 1604.07
21.- Peru: 1562.24
29.- Chile: 1514.86
44.- Ecuador: 1463.74
50.- Paraguay: 1440.13
56.- Venezuela: 1405.17
81.- Bolivia: 1298.81

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