The Zero West Alliance Ecuador Presented this Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the second installment of its study ‘La Item 3915’, which focuses on imports. Plastic waste A. Ecuador. An important point revealed by this work is that local companies imported 48,473 tons. Waste Plastic from 2018 to January 2022.

“Ecuador has once again become its backyard United States. It supports itself by importing plastic waste from 42 countries. 56% Comes from Of United StatesMaria Fernanda Solis, general coordinator of the coalition of 38 social organizations, Environmentalist And actors from the academy, Civil society And Recyclable movement.

The report found that the companies at the time of the analysis Importer They paid USD 19.2 million for plastic waste. But one of his main concerns is that “30-40% are buried Public area“, According to Soliz, since they will be mixed with the ingredients Organic Or LandSo they can no longer be Freeloader.

One of them Anxiety Members Alliance They do not have to comply Technical inspection In imported waste. The material comes by 96% Seaport, But the inspection has been done only for what is entered by ground. The Inspection They were dismissed on the grounds that it was too expensive for the private company to store the materials in warehouses until the inspectors arrived, “said Soliz.

The report states that “the Ministry of Environment It proposes to review the subtitle names of Title 3915 as their names are broad and do not allow to know exactly what is being imported. ” However, the coalition has said that Production Waste Plastic Will be enough for the needs of the country National Company.

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