The ‘Breathe Again – See a Respair’ campaign, which promotes tourism in the Galapagos, was awarded at the Latam Travel Video Awards (TVA) 2022. Photo: Video Capture

The digital tourism promotion campaign ‘Brethe Again – Vuelve a Respirar’, launched by the Ministry of Tourism in 2021, was awarded at this time. Latham Travel Video Awards (TVA) 2022 In the best travel ad video section.

During the May 19 and 20 event in Medellin, Colombia, 17 awards were presented for the best travel videos to the destination. Latin America. Prizes have been awarded in various categories such as: Adventure, Ecology, Destination Marketing, Documentary etc.

The hour ‘Breathe again – breathe again’ It was contributed by several actors from the Ecuadorian tourism, creative and audiovisual industries. These have contributed to the development of concepts, compilation of shots, location, translation, among other resources, says the state portfolio.

The purpose of the campaign was to inform international travelers that the Galাপpagos Islands had been transformed into June 2021. The first islands To complete their vaccination schedule against the region Covid 19.

The award-winning campaign included various communication parts produced in English, Spanish, German and French. Moreover, it was replicated in various ways Tourist Digital ChannelEmbassies, among others.

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