The The police Ecuador reported on Saturday, April 16, 2022, that more than a dozen had been seized Two tons From Cocaine Hidden a Container With Banana For export, which was the final destination Belgium.

On his Twitter account, police said that “after inspecting a container containing exported bananas at a seaport in the city, two tons 458 kilograms of cocaine were seized”. Guayaquil (Southwest).

According to the police, during the inspection of the container Drug dogs Gives Be careful There are about 31 jute bags hidden in the collar box.

The security forces indicated that they had found 2,461 rectangular packages, including alkaloids, and thus “24,585,390 doses are out of circulation.”

Seized in two weekends

This Saturday’s seizure has been added to almost one last weekend Three tons From Hydrochloride From CocaineHidden an invoice Pineapple Which was scheduled for the port of Antwerp, in Belgium.

Police found 45 black jute sacks containing 3,096 rectangular packages hidden inside a container in the port area of ​​Guayaquil.

The Commander Holguar Cortez It was then explained that the container had been set aside for a pre-shipment inspection on Saturday morning and that was when Dogs Of Anti-drug unit Has detected its presence Illegal substances.

Head of the Anti-Narcotics Investigation Unit. Darwin SangokuizaReported that just days before the discovery, they conducted three anti-drug operations that ended with the seizure of about seven tons of cocaine hydrochloride. Holland, Sweden Y. Belgium.

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