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Ecuador has recorded 287 new infections and 859,207 cases of Covid-19.

Ecuador registered a total of this Thursday, March 24, 2022 287 new cases Covid-19With which it submitted 859,207 positive deposits at the time ExtremeAs published by Ministry of Public Health In your last daily report.

Record of death accumulated and confirmed by Covid-19 It remained at 25,225, the same as on Sunday, where Covid added 19 to 10,196 “probable” deaths, for a total of 35,421 deaths.

Pichincha It is the province with the highest number of infections. It has 317,822 positive, 232 more than Sunday’s record; This is followed by Guas, 134,054 (7 extra).

Then there are Provinces From Manabí (54,865), El Oro (49,129), Ajua (41,636), Loja (33,266), Imbabura (29,208), Tungurahua (26,691), Cotopaxi (17,899), Los Rios (17,237) and Santo, Dosos (17,237).

Quito is most affected by the city Covid-19 With 293,668 infections during the epidemic (216 more than on Sunday), followed by 99,560 (6 extras) in Guayaquil.

It is followed by Cuenca (32,552), Machala (25,706), Loja (22,486), Ambato (20,342), Porto Viejo (17,228), Ibarra (16,434) and Santo Domingo (14,761).

Daily report about this Vaccination plan Against Covid-19, with a cut-off date of March 26, 33,174,440 vaccines were administered, including 14,261,829 with first dose, 13,610,693 with second dose and 5,162 , 118 reinforcements.

In total Vaccine applied16,104,646 come from Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, 10,017,868 from American Pfizer and 6,454,373 from British AstraZeneca.

Similarly, 597,553 inoculated vaccines match Chinese cannabinoids, a single application that is also injected as a booster.

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