Ecuador This Tuesday, April 12, 2022, a call for 1,400 new vacancies Prison security officialsWhich will be included December For work Get it back The Control Among the prisons, where clashes have killed nearly 400 inmates in the past two years Rival gang.

National Comprehensive Care Service for Deprived and Juvenile delinquents (SNAI) Announced a public tender at a press conference High school graduate Between the ages of 18 and 28, those must pass a procedure Selection Before you start Training In May.

SNAI currently has 1,629 such agents and hopes that they will be able to strengthen its human capital in line with a comprehensive strategic plan for maintenance. Security And respect Human rights In prison

International support

“We have a pillar that is our human talent. The training we are planning for 1,400 new ASPs (Pensioners Security Agents) will give them the strength to continue working, ”explained Francisco Guzman, Director of Career Systems at the National Penitentiary Service.

Grade 3 ASP graduates will receive a salary of 8 813.40, which is equivalent to wearing uniforms. Armed forces Or National Police The same level, he said.

Its training process Agent The European Union (EU) is working hand in hand with international organizations such as the PACTO (Transnational Organized Crime Assistance Program – Fighting Organized Crime) and the US Department of Drug Enforcement and Law Enforcement (INL).

But also Prison school Countries such as Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, France and Spain have offered training to Ecuador and Exchange From Instructor And experience.

Colonel Patricio Sarabria, National Director of Education for the National Police, said the selection and recruitment of new agents would be done for the installed capacity of the police agency and at no cost to SNAI.

“The goal of all processes is not only to select the best applicants, but also to guarantee a training process that is in accordance with the law, transparent and in the context of strict respect and observance of human rights,” he said.

Once announced AnnouncementIt is Expiration After three days, the website will open where applicants will be able to apply in a registration phase which will last for two days and the process that is completed among the police members will be followed by selection and recruitment.

The training will be conducted in police bases and units that have supply and capacity under an agreement between the National Police and SANI authorities.

One thousand new places in 2023

The Authority They have advanced that in 2023 agents have a new call for one thousand jobs Prison securityThose who will graduate this year will come to join.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) last month called on Ecuador to increase the number of prison staff responsible for the security and surveillance of the centers, after classifying the current number of large-scale detainees as “insufficient” and without the necessary training.

He has addressed that a stern report Crisis of violence That affects Ecuadorian prisonHe called for restoration of criminal gangs and for a policy to prioritize crime prevention and not imprisonment.

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