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EC Concert: Michael, Bachata Ambassador

Michael Sedeno rose to fame after participating in a children’s competition at just 11 years old. Photo: Javier Flores / EL Commerceo

After entering pop, tropical and urban music, Michael He gives himself body and soul The boyA genre that fascinates him.

It had already premiered in February this year I want to dance, Hungry for a project with which he hopes to win new hearts inside and outside his country. He dreams of going international and for this he will try to travel to the European country Spain “where many interesting things are being done”.

There, people feel a great affection for it Musical genre. So, c. Spanish artists like Tangana and Rosalia flirt with Bachata.

With his music he has already toured Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the countries he hopes to return to by this 2022; Got a lot of affection.

A is born from the choice of dance Cooperation with NaplesA famous Venezuelan music producer, with whom Meckel befriended early in his career.

“We’ve been looking for it for a long time”, but only in 2019 did they finalize the concept. They took time to record the song because of Kovid-19.

Michael is thrilled at the public response; The video has been viewed 434,924 times on YouTube and has dozens of comments He is also happy about it Easy He explored his appearance as an actor. “There are a lot of ‘blowers’. We put a lot of love into it and it is transmitted. “

Show in Ecuador

The national talent will continue its most recent promotion Easy At their concerts in different cities of the country.

Last week he was in Mangalaralto, Nanegal and Quito.

In the capital, he shares the stage with the talented Gianpiero and Daniel Betancourt.
On the other hand, he planned to sing in Santo Domingo yesterday.

In addition to the Boilando bachata its treasures Michael Includes adventure-like themes by Alberto Plaza; And proof of everything, his pampered song which was released in 2013, after he participated in the reality show ‘Pequeños Brillantes’.

Your direction

Michael Sedeno rose to fame after participating in a children’s competition at just 11 years old. Two years later he premiered A Proof of Everything.

He is 23 years old.

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