Prefecture equipment and the municipality of Santo Domingo are removing road stones and debris, 85 km, blocked in the Tinlandia sector. Photo: Prefecture of Santo Domingo de los Sachilas

Two days later Clean service From RuinsThe Through Alóag-Santo Domingo Cannot be opened for circulation.

Johanna Nunez, prefect of Santo Domingo de los Sachilas, reports that “a specific day and time cannot be given. The problem is the mountains. It happened at the lowest expected time, I injured two IESS workers “.

On Saturday, May 21, early 2022, a severe rock and landslide occurred. A huge one Stone Is transcended in its extension Two lanes This road, which is one of the main connections between Sierra and the coast.

The PetniLarge scale, located at 85, in its sector TinlandAbout 20 minutes to reach the city of Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

The official explained that Technician Of Prefecture Usage analysis Dynamite “Build a road soon, it’s fast” to destroy the rock.

The provincial government coordinates who are allowed to do the dynamite, but it is advisable to do so Technical decisionSince PipelineHigh-voltage wires, drinking water pipes for the city and other infrastructure.

The Removal Of Ruins This will continue this Monday, May 23, after trying to remove the rock all day.

Police officers around 5:30 pm Ecuadorian Transit Commission The light gave way to the tank, but again Landslide, Said Prefect Nunez. “Fortunately we don’t have a life to mourn.”

The officer gave two hints excavators Type 390, which is the largest, which was moved in kilometers.

The Municipality of Santo Domingo Joined the work with the largest excavator, in which prefectural technicians installed hammers or drills.

Stone-breaking activities began on Sunday morning, May 22nd. At 5:30 p.m., when the works were 50% advanced, more rocks and fragments fell from the hill. “An hour or so ago and we closed the road again,” Nunez said at 6:30 p.m.

The site has three excavators, a motor grader and a dump truck.

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission and the prefecture of Santo Domingo de los Sachilas have been recommended. An alternative travel route between Quito and Santo Domingo or other coastal provinces.

These are the paths Calacali-Rio Blanco Go to Esmeraldas Beach or to Manabí (Pedernales) and Santo Domingo.

Another option is that Banks-Las Mercedes Or vice versa, go directly to Santo Domingo. The Asphalt User reported this route is not in good condition. It is full of potholes, cracks and road damage, so you need to drive carefully.

The third option is Banks-well HermosoWhich connects directly to Esmeraldas Road and the bypass to Pedernales beach in Manabi.

Meanwhile, the Clean service They live at 85 km, which is completely closed.

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission reported on Saturday night, May 21, 2022, that the Aloyag-Santo Domingo road would be closed on Sunday, May 22, 2022, and that it was planned to be implemented. Reopened Today is Monday, May 23, the last day Holidays By Battle of Pichincha. However, this will not happen.

The Traveler The ship that sailed to the beaches of Esmeraldas and Manabí has ​​not been able to pass through this artery since Saturday 21st.

Many traveled for a three-day rest for the May 24, 1822 Independence Party. In general, about 11,000 vehicles pass through this road every day.

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